Filing a Car Accident Claim in Phoenix, AZ

Every car wreck is unique. Some are fender-benders with minor property damage, while others can result in severe injuries or even death. Some are genuine accidents, which seem more like the result of circumstances than wrongdoing. Others were clearly preventable and the result of negligence. Whatever the circumstances of the wreck, filing a car accident claim in Phoenix, AZ, is a similar process, and can help you recover the compensation you need to move forward after the crash.

While many states have moved to modified comparative negligence, Arizona uses fault to determine liability for auto accidents. Whichever driver caused the accident is responsible for the damages. So, fault determination is critical to deciding where to file your claim and getting the recovery you deserve. A trusted car accident attorney from the Phillips Law Group could help you understand the process and advocate on your behalf at every step.

Steps to Take After an Auto Wreck

People should follow specific steps after a car accident. These steps serve two purposes: prioritizing the health and safety of everyone involved in the accident, and helping preserve and capture evidence, which may be required to establish fault in an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Seek Medical Assistance

The most immediate thing to do after a car wreck is to check for injuries. Each driver should check themselves and any of their passengers for harm. Then, they should check on the safety of the drivers and passengers of any other cars in the accident. If anyone has visible serious injuries or potential head or spinal injuries, it is vital to call 911 and request immediate medical assistance.

Even when a person does not need immediate medical care, it is still crucial to seek medical attention. Some injuries are not immediately apparent, and minor injuries may be more severe than they appear. Additionally, medical documentation can help Phoenix, AZ motorists when they file a car accident claim.

Move Vehicles Out of the Way of Traffic

If it is safe to do so, drivers should move any vehicles to a safer location. If possible, they should snap photographs of the scene prior to moving the car. However, that is not always a safe option, and the priority should be moving the vehicle to try to avoid any additional accidents.

Call the Police

Calling the police and making a report in another crucial step. While attorneys generally advise clients not to speak with police without representation, it is okay to provide them with honest answers about the accident. However, do not accept blame for the accident during this conversation — provide facts, not opinions.

Exchange Information

The drivers should exchange information such as their names, license numbers, phone numbers, insurance company and policy information, and address. If there are witnesses to the accident, get their information as well.

Take Pictures

If possible, gather information about the accident. Many people know to take photos of the vehicles and the accident scene, but that may not be enough. Take pictures of road signs, identifying locations, any weather or road conditions, or anything else that might have led to the accident.

Contacting the Insurance Company

It is essential to contact the insurance company as soon as possible after an accident. Generally, each driver will contact their own insurance company to report the event. During this report, provide the facts but avoid speculation.

Some people will tell you that an attorney is always necessary after a car wreck. That is not true. If the fault is clear and there are no injuries, a person may be able to handle their own negotiations with an insurance company. However, if there is significant property damage or either party has injuries, an attorney can and should be contacted for help. They can provide valuable information on how to handle the Phoenix, AZ claims process and ensure an injured person does not inadvertently say anything that could damage their claim.

Attorneys can also negotiate with insurance companies during the car accident claim process for a better chance at securing maximum compensation. At our firm, if negotiations do not provide the desired result, we are unafraid of taking matters to court.

Get More Information on Filing a Car Wreck Claim in Phoenix, AZ

When you sustain harm in an accident of any kind that is due to someone else’s actions or inactions, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your losses by filing a personal injury claim. However, the process is not always straightforward, and there are many requirements and complex legal procedures to consider. The best way to understand and protect your rights during a difficult time is to work with a trusted local attorney. Call the Phillips Law Group today to learn more about filing a car accident claim in Phoenix, AZ, and what your next steps should be.