Prescott Boat Accident Lawyer

While nearby Watson Lake and Willow Creek Reservoir may be too small to fit large, powered watercraft, plenty of smaller powered and unpowered vessels can navigate the local bodies of water around Prescott, and numerous other spots around Arizona can handle larger vessels. No matter what type of boat or personal watercraft you are operating, though, you have a duty to act responsibly and lawfully while around other people in the water at all times — a duty that, as you may have learned, not everyone else always lives up to.

Filing suit over a boating injury in the Grand Canyon State works similarly to suing over a car crash in certain ways and very differently in others, and navigating the unique elements of your claim could be much easier with guidance from a Prescott boat accident lawyer. From start to finish of your legal proceedings, your dedicated personal injury attorney can ensure you understand your rights and then help you enforce them effectively so you get paid what you deserve for the harm you should not have sustained. Work with the local advocates at Phillips Law Group today.

Proving Someone Else at Fault for a Boat Collision

Much like there are rules of the road for driving a motor vehicle on land, there are regulations applicable to boats in “navigable waters” in Arizona governing who can operate a vessel, where they can go, and how fast they can travel in certain places. Anyone who collides with another vessel or with someone in the water, because they violated one of these rules, has “breached” the duty mentioned above, as has someone who caused a wreck because they were impaired by alcohol or drugs.

It should be emphasized, however, that someone does not necessarily need to do something illegal in order to be found “negligent” in relation to an injury out on the water. As a Prescott boat accident attorney can further explain, even a seemingly small and innocuous mistake could still serve as a legally actionable “breach of duty” if it is the direct and primary cause of an injury that likely would not have occurred without that breach.

Are There Special Rules for Boat Accident Lawsuits?

The overview of legal “negligence” above as it pertains to boat accident litigation is broadly similar to the definition of negligence applied to auto accidents and most other incidents resulting in injury to someone involved. Likewise, the “statute of limitations” set by Arizona Revised Statutes §12-542 for most other personal injury claims also applies to boating accidents, so someone injured by a negligent boat operator typically has two years at most to file suit against them.

One thing worth noting about boat accidents in particular are the reporting requirements imposed by state law on people involved in collisions or other accidents on the water. Anyone involved in such an accident resulting in any damage to a vessel or some other personal property exceeding $500 in value must send a written accident report to the Arizona Game and Fish Department within five days of the incident, and that filing period is shortened to 48 hours for accidents resulting in any injury, disappearance, or fatality. Working with a Prescott attorney as soon as possible after a boating accident is important to ensure all requirements are met.

Discuss Legal Options With a Prescott Boat Accident Attorney

While the restrictions put in place by the state on boat accident litigation are not particularly complex, the actual process of pursuing a claim of this nature very often can be. There may be much less evidence available to establish who was at fault for a boat collision compared to what might be available after an auto wreck, which means it may be much tougher to hold a negligent person liable for their actions without support from seasoned legal counsel.

Fortunately, that support is available from a qualified Prescott boat accident lawyer with a track record of achieving favorable case results on behalf of people just like you. Call a member of the legal team at Phillips Law Group to learn more.

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