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When you are injured, involved in an accident or suffer damage to your property, you may have an insurance policy to help cover the damages you experienced. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always have the best interests of their clients. Their main goal is to profit the company by paying you less than what your claim is worth.

This is why we recommend speaking to our Prescott personal insurance attorneys at Phillips Law Group. Our legal team has decades of combined experience dealing with insurance companies and are aware of the tactics they often use to either deny or devalue claims.

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Am I Eligible to File a Personal Insurance Case?

It is difficult to determine if you have a case without knowing the details of your situation. Our attorneys need to determine whether the insurance company was acting in bad faith. This could include looking at any of the following factors:

  • The insurance company claims that they are not required to pay you even though the accident or incident is covered under the policy
  • The insurance company failed to provide timely communication about your claim
  • They failed to conduct a reasonable investigation into your claim
  • They provided a settlement amount much less than your claim is worth
  • The insurance company failed to give detailed reasons for denying your claim
  • They failed to make a prompt decision (either approving or denying) your claim in a timely manner

The best way to know if you are eligible to take legal action is to reach out to a licensed Prescott personal insurance attorney for a free consultation to learn more about your rights.

Personal Insurance Disputes Phillips Law Group Handles

Having an insurance policy is like having a safety net that guards you from paying heavy costs in the case of an accident, injury or damage to your property. Some of the most common personal insurance disputes we handle at Philips Law Group include:

  • Health insurance ”“ Health insurance policies generally have a high deductible rate. This means that you must meet a certain standard of fees before the policy begins to cover medical costs. Often times, policyholders must pay hundreds of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket costs to reach their deductibles.
  • Auto insurance ”“ Most states require all drivers to carry auto insurance, including Arizona. These policies are often used by victims to help cover medical expenses and other related costs they experience in a car accident with negligent driver.
  • Home/rental insurance ”“ If a home is damaged from a natural disaster or your home is burglarized, your policy may cover the damage of the storm or the items that were stolen. Be sure to thoroughly read your policy as certain things may not be covered.
  • Disability insurance ”“ These type of policies generally offer wage supplements in the event you become temporarily or permanently disabled and are unable to work.
  • Life insurance ”“ Life insurance policies often cover expenses with lump-sum payments given to the surviving family of the deceased. Unfortunately, there are many loopholes in these policies and oftentimes a family is left with very little.
  • Long-term care insurance ”“ These policies often cover costs that are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other health insurance policies. It includes care in nursing home facilities, adult care, assisted living, and hospice care.

If you have questions regarding your policy, it may be in your best interest to reach out to a Prescott personal insurance lawyer to discuss the legal options that may be available to you.

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How Can an Insurance Claim Get Denied?

There are many reasons why insurance claims get denied. Insurance adjusters are trained to use certain tactics to get you to admit fault or say something that harms your claim to avoid a payout. They may even try to delay the claims process long enough so that you become desperate enough to take the first settlement offer to cover your out-of-pocket costs.

To get out of paying a fair value, the insurance company may claim the following:

  • Your loss is below the deductible
  • Your loss falls outside of the policy’s coverage
  • They may state that the policy has lapsed due to late payments
  • They may claim that you have a pre-existing condition
  • You failed to notify the insurance company before a deadline
  • The policy does not cover or excludes your specific loss

If the insurance company has denied or devalued your claim, get in touch with our legal team. We are ready to review your situation 24 hours a days, seven days a week.

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