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When you unexpectedly lose a loved one it may be difficult knowing how to move forward from such a tragic event. It is especially difficult when your loved one passes away because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. You may have legal options and be eligible to pursue financial compensation for this unfortunate circumstance.

Our Prescott wrongful death attorneys at Phillips Law Group understand that no amount of money can fill the void of losing a loved one. However, we may be able to help you recover funeral and burial costs along with the pain and suffering your family has endured. Our firm has helped secure over $1 billion in compensation in our 27 years of service. We helped a family obtain $4,000,000 for losing a loved one in a car crash caused by a defective tire.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation with us during a 100 percent free, no obligation consultation. If you choose to move forward with our firm, we do not charge lawyers’ fees or upfront costs. This is because we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we only get paid if we help you recover fair compensation.

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Am I Eligible to Pursue Compensation?

To be able to pursue compensation for damages, you will need to prove that your loved one’s death was caused by the negligence of another person.

There are four elements of negligence in a wrongful death claim:

  • Duty of care ”“ This establishes that the at-fault party had a legal obligation to act in a reasonable manner to prevent your loved one harm. For example, drivers have a duty to follow traffic laws to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.
  • Breach of duty of care ”“ This element determines that the at-fault party failed to act in a reasonable manner. For instance, if a driver runs a red light, he or she failed his or her legal duty by risking the safety of others.
  • Causation ”“ This establishes that there is a direct link between the at-fault party’s negligent behavior and your loved one’s death. Your loved one would not have been killed were it not for the at-fault party’s careless actions or failure to act.
  • Damages ”“ In the last element, you must establish that you suffered financial losses, like funeral costs and emotional trauma as a result of your loved one’ death.

It can be very difficult to prove negligence without the help of an experienced Prescott wrongful death attorney by your side. We are ready to review your claim anytime, 24/7.

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

In Arizona, there are certain individuals who typically have grounds to file a wrongful death claim. These could include the following:

  • The surviving spouse
  • The surviving children
  • The surviving parent or legal guardian
  • The legal representative of the deceased’s estate

What Is the Value of My Case?

Every case is different so our legal team will not know the full value of your potential case until we review the specifics of your situation. Generally, there are two categories of damages available in a wrongful death claim:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the financial losses you have experienced since your loved one’s death. These are easy to determine because they have a dollar value that can be proven with receipts and other documents and could include:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Your loved one’s medical expenses prior to death
  • Lost wages your loved one would have earned
  • Property damages

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages reflect the pain and suffering you and your family have suffered since your loved one’s death. These are harder to calculate because they have no monetary value and could include:

  • Loss of care
  • Loss of guidance
  • Loss of companionship
  • Emotional distress

If you have questions about the value of your potential case, it is in your best interest to speak to one of our qualified Prescott wrongful death lawyers for legal help.

Is There a Time Limit to File a Claim?

In Arizona, wrongful death claims must typically be filed within two years from the date of your loved one’s death. This is mandated under Arizona’s statute of limitations. Missing the deadline may result in your claim being dismissed and being unable to seek compensation.

However, there could be certain exceptions that pertain to your claim. This is why we encourage that you reach out to our legal team to better understand your legal options.

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How Can a Lawyer From Phillips Law Group Help?

Our lawyers at Phillips Law Group have a proven track record recovering millions in wrongful death claims for our clients, including a $4,500,000 recovery for a family who lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident. If we represent you, we are prepared to handle the following:

  • Thoroughly investigate the accident that caused your loved one’s death
  • Gather evidence to support your claim for compensation
  • Handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company
  • Calculate a fair value for your claim based on the losses you have suffered
  • Guide you throughout the entire complicated legal process

”¦. And much more.

We can further discuss how our firm may be able to help you during a free consultation.

Common Types of Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, fatal accidents happen every day. Some of the most common wrongful death claims our firm handles includes:

  • Car accidents ”“ The road is often a dangerous place and can lead to many unexpected deaths, especially when motorists are driving recklessly or carelessly.
  • Motorcycle accidents ”“ Since motorcycles have little protection to shield riders in the event of an accident with larger vehicles, any injuries sustained can be fatal.
  • Defective products ”“ We often trust the products we buy, but something as simple as a poorly labeled drug or defective tire can have fatal consequences.
  • Medical malpractice ”“ Medical errors can be fatal, such as when a doctor fails to diagnose an illness or administers the wrong medication dosage to a patient.
  • Workplace accidents ”“ While these accidents can occur in any industry, there are certain occupations that are riskier than others like industrial work, construction and some forms of labor work. These jobs are prone to accidents that are often deadly.

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Dealing with a loved one’s death can be extremely difficult and it may be hard to imagine pursuing legal action during this time. This is why we are here to help. Our dedicated team is prepared to fight for full compensation for the damages you and your family have suffered.

In our 27 years of service, our attorneys at Phillips Law Group have successfully represented thousands of clients and obtained millions of dollars in total compensation. We invite you to discuss your claim with us in a free consultation. You will not be charged any upfront fees. We only get paid if we help you recover compensation on behalf of your loved one’s death.

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