Prescott Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Given how many different prescription and over-the-counter medications Americans see on store shelves or advertised on television, it may not come as much of a surprise to hear that not all of those medications are perfectly safe and effective. That does not mean, however, that you do not have a right as a consumer to expect the products you buy to be reasonably safe, or that you cannot take legal action against a drug manufacturer who sells you a dangerous product.

If you have suffered a serious adverse effect from a medication that you were not previously warned about by your doctor or the manufacturers of the medication, you should reach out to a Prescott dangerous drugs lawyer sooner rather than later to discuss your legal options. Lawsuits over defective medication can be uniquely challenging in numerous ways, and support from one of the experienced personal injury attorneys at Phillips Law Group is vital to getting a positive result from your claim.

Holding a Pharmaceutical Company Liable for Damages

Importantly, pharmaceutical companies are not automatically liable for any harm one of their products causes to a consumer, nor are they liable for injuries caused by a doctor prescribing the wrong type or dosage of medication to a patient. What pharmaceutical companies often are liable for injuries caused by their failure to properly warn consumers about all known side effects and contraindications associated with one of their medications, as well as injuries caused by contamination during the manufacturing process or by unreasonably dangerous errors made in a product’s formulation and design.

Any company or corporation that allows a consumer to be harmed by one of these “defects” may be “strictly liable” for any damages stemming from that consumer’s injuries, including medical bills, lost work income, physical pain, and psychological suffering. A Prescott dangerous drugs attorney can go into more specific detail during a private consultation about what losses a particular person should incorporate into their claim.

Understanding “Mass Torts” and “Class Action Lawsuits”

Even if someone has very strong grounds to file suit against a massive pharmaceutical company over a dangerous drug, they will likely have a very hard time overcoming opposition to their claim from that company’s legal team and insurance providers. Fortunately, it is often possible in situations like this to join forces with other people injured by the same product in the same way, sharing resources and evidence to increase everyone’s chances of obtaining fair financial recovery.

Depending on the circumstances, a claim like this may take the form of a “mass tort” in which the injured parties share information with each other but still maintain their own separate civil claims, or it may be pursued as a “class action” in which all “class members” combine their claims into one central lawsuit and equally split any money recovered. Both types of cases have their merits and drawbacks, and a seasoned defective drugs lawyer in Prescott can assist you with joining one in progress or potentially starting a new one.

Work With a Prescott Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Defective and dangerous medications cause thousands of serious injuries and illnesses each year in the United States, and it is very unlikely that trend will slow down any time soon. To make matters worse, major pharmaceutical corporations often devote millions — sometimes billions — of dollars specifically to fighting civil litigation against them, which makes it extremely difficult to hold one accountable for the harm one of their products has caused.

Put simply, this is not the type of case you want to try pursuing without a dedicated and experienced Prescott dangerous drugs lawyer on your side. Call today to speak with an advocate and learn what Phillips Law Group can do for you.

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