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Dog bites can be extremely serious, causing permanent disfigurement and lasting emotional trauma for the victim. The injuries are often so severe that they may require surgical intervention and a lengthy recovery time.

If you have been bitten and injured by a dog in Yavapai County, you may be eligible to pursue compensation to help with your recovery, medical costs, pain and suffering and other expenses.

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Who May Have a Valid Dog Bite Case?

Before determining who may be able to pursue compensation after a dog bite incident, we need to ask some clarifying questions, including:

  • Was the victim legally on the property where the attack happened?
  • Was the dog was provoked?
  • Did the dog have a prior history of aggressive behavior?

If you were bitten while trespassing on someone’s property, uninvited, you probably do not have a valid claim. However, if you were attacked in a public area or as an invitee in the home of a friend or family member, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Sometimes the owner may try to say that the injured party provoked the dog prior to the attack, but he or she must be able to provide evidence to support that claim.

If the dog was accompanied by a caretaker on the day of the attack, it is possible that he or she could share liability with the owner for any damages incurred.

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Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney

Establishing negligence in a dog bite case is challenging and having a knowledgeable lawyer to handle all communications, investigate the details of the accident and gather the necessary evidence needed can be beneficial towards building a robust foundation for your claim.

When you have an experienced lawyer on your side to protect your best interests, it enables you to focus your energy on the recovery process. We have the resources to hire industry experts to help strengthen and validate the claim on your behalf.

At Phillips Law Group, we charge no upfront fees for our services. If we represent you, there are no expenses throughout the legal process. You pay us nothing unless we win compensation for your injuries.

What Compensation Can You Get For a Dog Bite?

Each dog bite case is different, so without all the details your claim cannot be assigned a specific monetary value. However, Arizona does not place caps on personal injury awards, which means that your attorney may be able to pursue the full value of your damages, if you have a case.

In general, some of the damages you may be eligible to pursue in a dog bite case may include:

  • All related medical costs, such as doctor appointments and surgical interventions
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescriptions related to your injuries
  • Caregiver requirements while recovering
  • Specialized medical equipment
  • Loss of earnings if you cannot work
  • Loss of ability to earn in the future
  • Property damages related to your injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Post-traumaticstress disorder

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How Arizona Classifies a Dog as Dangerous

Many people have a certain type of dog in mind when they hear that someone was mauled in an unprovoked attack. However, in Arizona, a dangerous dog is simply defined as one that has previously attacked a person or another domestic animal.

When a dog with no prior history of aggressive behavior bites someone, Arizona quarantines that animal for ten days from the day of the attack. If the date of the attack cannot be verified, then the dog is quarantined for ten days from discovery of the attack.

First Steps After a Dog Bite

If you are attacked by a dog unexpectedly and without provocation, it can be terrifying and difficult to know how to handle. There are certain steps you can take to improve your ability of recovering damages:

  • Protect yourself”“ Do what you can to get out of the way of danger and look for a place that provides temporary shelter or space between you and the dog.
  • Get immediate medical care ”“ Dog bites can cause severe bleeding, torn ligaments, scarring and other serious injuries. Although dogs in Arizona are legally required to be licensed and vaccinated in Arizona, not all animals are. Even if the dog is vaccinated, your injury can still result in a serious infection. Seeking immediate medical care may reduce the risk of infection and prevent further damages. Medical records also provide an official report of the attack and extent of your injuries.
  • Notify the authorities”“ In Arizona, anyone who has witnessed a dog attack firsthand must immediately report it to law enforcement agencies in the county where the attack occurred. You may also submit notice of an attack to your local Animal Control office.
  • Obtain witness contact details”“ If anyone witnessed your attack, get their contact information so your attorney may contact them a later date to support your claim.
  • Take pictures”“ If you are able to do so, photograph your injury after it happens and multiple times throughout the healing process and as you follow-up with your doctor.
  • Save documentation”“ Keep track of all expenses for medical treatments, medication, trips to the doctor, rehabilitation, lost wages and any other expenses resulting from your injuries.
  • Contact a dog bite lawyer”“ Whether or not you are sure if you have a valid claim, it is a good idea to contact a Prescott dog bite lawyer who is well-versed in Arizona laws. He or she are prepared review the circumstances of your attack and determine whether you may have a valid claim.

Hiring a dog bite attorney to protect your interests and fight for fair compensation on your behalf is a good idea. Taking pictures and saving important documentation will provide additional evidence needed to support and validate your claim.

It is worth mentioning that if you are considering filing a dog bite injury claim, Arizona has a strict statute of limitations (deadline for filing) that is two years from the date of the attack. While there may be exceptions to that deadline that require you to file sooner or allow you to file later, we recommend that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible to make sure you do not risk missing the opportunity to recover damages for your injuries.

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