Peoria Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Pharmaceutical products have the potential to heal and treat a variety of health concerns. However, when people improperly label, dispense, make, or advertise these items, unsuspecting consumers may get hurt. When you experience an adverse event because of a medication problem outside of your control, filing a claim may be possible. Holding the at-fault pharmacist, seller, manufacturer, or doctor responsible for their mistakes could help you move forward and potentially protect others.

At the Phillips Law Group, our firm serves as a trusted advocate for many people injured by contaminated or hazardous medications. A Peoria dangerous drugs lawyer could help you forge a pathway to secure a settlement for your losses. Our experienced personal injury attorneys could explain the applicable laws and outline your possible legal options.

What Can Make a Medication Hazardous for Use?

Prescription and over-the-counter medications and other treatments can be unsafe for a variety of reasons. For example, the pharmacy that dispenses the medicine may not store it correctly, causing it to go bad before the consumer gets it. Likewise, giving a patient the wrong pills or the incorrect dosage may also pose a serious risk of injury.

Additionally, when pharmaceutical companies cut corners when sourcing or compounding the ingredients or drugs, this can lead to contamination or errors. Because of this, a patient who believes they are getting a particular strength of a medication may get far more or less than what the bottle says. Moreover, not giving consumers accurate instructions on using the medicine or what side effects they can expect is also problematic.

Injuries from defective drugs, such as pain relievers, mood stabilizers, heart meds, or other substances, can be quite significant or, in some cases, fatal. Peoria attorneys could help determine if bringing a defective medication lawsuit is possible and provide key guidance and compassion to those who are hurt physically, financially, or psychologically because of a prescription error.

What Is the Deadline To File a Lawsuit Because of a Harmful Drug?

Those injured because of a defective prescription or over-the-counter medication may qualify to seek legal damages to address the harm they experience. For example, they may be eligible to receive money to go towards the medical bills they accrued to reverse a severe reaction to the drug. However, they need to file their product liability claim before the applicable statute of limitations closes.

The timeframe someone has to take this action depends on what they claim the other person (e.g., pharmacist or manufacturer) did wrong. Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542 gives many injured persons two years to bring a lawsuit because someone else’s mistake harmed them. However, Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 12-551 limits when someone can file some types of defective product claims, using the product’s manufacturing date as the starting point in some situations.

Navigating the court deadlines can be confusing and overwhelming, taking away from a person’s ability to focus on recovering from the event. Working with a Peoria attorney is one way for those harmed by a dangerous substance to take charge of their situation. Our team could manage the legal intricacies of the court procedures, freeing up their energies to focus on getting better.

Hurt by an Unsafe Medication? Call a Peoria Attorney for Help

Problems with the dosage, formulation, or instructions for how to take a medication can have immense consequences for your life – all due to no fault of your own. When you experience severe or significant side effects, interactions, and adverse reactions after taking a prescribed or over-the-counter treatment, the law may allow you to sue those responsible. Instead of going on this journey alone, consider the potential advantages of having a seasoned legal team to guide you.

Our law firm has helped numerous clients who endured the damaging effects of harmful medications. When you are ready to learn more about your legal options, contact a Peoria dangerous drugs lawyer on our team to schedule a consultation.