Peoria Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Experiencing a collision with a motor vehicle while on your bike can tremendously impact your life and even prevent you from providing for yourself and your family. Recognizing the immense harm caused by these accidents, Arizona law allows injured cyclists to file a claim against those responsible for causing them harm. When you are injured in a wreck while cycling, consider reaching out to a reputable personal injury attorney who could help you forge a path toward compensation.

At the Phillips Law Group our team dedicates its resources and energies to championing the rights of the injured. Our compassionate attorneys can appreciate the challenges you may face in the aftermath of a traumatic roadway incident. A Peoria bicycle accident lawyer welcomes the chance to help you develop a potential plan for moving forward and asserting your legal rights.

Common Injuries From Collisions While on a Bike

Cycling can be a rewarding experience; however, it also carries risks. For example, despite laws (such as Arizona Revised Statutes § 28-812) encouraging motorists to share the road with cyclists safely, drivers often still fail to check bike lanes before turning. As a result, bicyclists may endure significant physical damage.

Likewise, passengers or drivers who do not look before exiting their vehicle may create a dangerous situation for an unsuspecting bike rider. People on their bikes may collide with opened car doors (called dooring) causing extensive injuries to the person cycling and others on or near the roadway.

Common injuries from bike wrecks can range in severity from mild to catastrophic and frequently include:

Our trusted Peoria attorneys could investigate the details of a bicycle accident to determine its cause, who can be held liable for damages, and the extent of compensation an injured cyclist may be eligible for.

Time Limits for Filing Lawsuits Because of a Cycling Incident

Injured cyclists only have a certain amount of time–called the statute of limitations–to take the crucial step of bringing a claim for compensation. The exact deadline to take legal action depends on the applicable laws and the unique circumstances in which the accident occurred.

Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542 provides a two-year deadline for many individuals to submit lawsuits for a personal injury (including bicycle accidents). But some scenarios may have additional or less time than this, depending on the specific details of the situation. For example, people bringing a case against the company that made the bicycle may have additional time, while those suing the government may have less.

Meeting the filing deadline is very important because it either enables or prevents someone from pursuing damages in court. Many people find it helpful to work with a knowledgeable Peoria bicycle wreck attorney who could identify the applicable deadline for their situation and submit the appropriate paperwork before this window closes.

Call a Bike Crash Attorney in Peoria for Legal Help Recouping Losses

Pursuing legal damages may be possible when you endure harm because of a collision between your bike and another motorist. While nothing can truly return you to the position you were in before the incident, taking action may give you a chance to recover compensation for your losses and allows you to move forward with less financial stress. You are free to pursue this step on your own; however, you may benefit from collaborating with a seasoned legal team who can help.

From the receptionist who answers the phone to the attorneys who fight for clients in court, our legal team is devoted to helping you get what you need. We understand how disorienting and frustrating it can feel to be in this situation, and we are here to help you seek justice. Contact a Peoria bicycle accident lawyer from the Phillips Law Group to schedule a consultation to talk about your situation.