Peoria Boat Accident Lawyer

When a vessel capsizes or hits another object, it can be quite dangerous and cause significant injuries to surrounding people and property. You may qualify to advocate for your rights under Arizona law when harmed because of a distracted boat operator, manufacturing defect, or other form of negligence in this type of situation. Seeking compensation for your lost income, medical bills, and more could be possible if you can prove someone else carries some or all of the fault for the incident.

A Peoria boat accident lawyer at the Phillips Law Group could help you champion your case in court. We are fierce advocates for those hurt because of someone else’s actions or inactions. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys are ready to help see you through the process of taking legal action.

Situations Where Adverse Maritime Events Might Occur

Many forms of negligence and outside factors such as inclement weather can combine to harm unsuspecting passengers, boat operators, swimmers, and others on or near the water. For example, someone might leave out tackle or equipment on the vessel, leading a passenger to trip, fall, and hurt their head, arms, or legs. If the impact makes the person lose consciousness and careen into the water, they are also at risk of drowning.

Likewise, partygoers may drink too much alcohol or consume intoxicating substances before going to the lake. Because of this, they might make poor decisions (such as ignoring weather or maritime advisories) that increase the chance of someone getting hurt. Additionally, defects and flaws in the craft itself may lead to it sinking or failing to work properly, resulting in injuries. Our Peoria attorneys could create a possible strategy in the aftermath of an incident involving a canoe, kayak, fishing boat, or other maritime vessel.

Seeking Legal Damages for Injuries Occurring on a Lake, Creek, or River

People harmed while on the water may qualify to pursue legal damages if they meet the legal requirements to do so. For example, under Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542, the injured person may have two years to bring a lawsuit against the boat operator or third-party responsible for their injuries. However, this time may be shorter or longer depending on certain criteria including the severity of injuries, the age of the injured, and whether a government entity is involved. There may be additional requirements depending on other factors of an accident. Working with a Peoria watercraft accident attorney is the best way to ensure all deadlines are met and that any requirements are fulfilled.

When a case is successful, the courts could award an injured person compensation for the economic and non-economic impacts of the accident. Economic damages are those that reimburse for the financial losses a person sustains such as property damage, past and future medical expenses, and lost wages. Non-economic damages are more subjective and include payments for things like pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and a loss of enjoyment of life.

Our team is prepared to review the available evidence and use our knowledge of the law to create the best possible legal recommendations for a specific circumstance. By trusting in a lawyer with invaluable experience in these scenarios, an injured person could create space to focus on the healing process. Additionally, while most personal injury firms are more concerned with taking insurance settlements, our firm is not afraid to fight in court for what is truly needed when negotiations do not yield the desired outcome.

Call a Peoria Attorney for Help After a Boating Incident

Interacting with nature can be an enjoyable and fulfilling activity; however, sometimes, people make careless mistakes that create a harmful rather than enriching experience. When you endure injuries and losses in a maritime wreck that was not your fault, consider taking legal action against the person who caused it. Doing so could provide a pathway for you to tell your story and address the consequences of the incident.

Our law firm has been helping those in Peoria and elsewhere throughout Arizona for many years. Because of our tireless advocacy, many of our clients have found empowerment and justice in times when they were incredibly vulnerable and confused. Contact a Peoria boat accident lawyer from the Phillips Law Group to schedule a no-obligation consultation.