Peoria Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When harmed by a driver whose carelessness causes a collision, you may have to balance weeks, months, or years of recovery. Fortunately, those injured by a negligent driver while going on a run or walk, in parking lots, or on Peoria’s roadways or sidewalks may qualify to sue. Filing a lawsuit may allow you to seek compensation to address your losses.

Instead of tackling this yourself, consider working with a Peoria pedestrian accident lawyer at our law firm. Our trusted personal injury attorneys have notable experience fighting for the wounded and could help you develop a legal strategy. We seek to put our client’s best interests first at every turn and create an empowering space for them to tell their story.

Determining Fault When a Motorist or Bicyclist Hits Someone

Peoria law may allow injured pedestrians to present a claim for compensation if they can show someone else (such as a person, business, or municipality) is to blame for their damages. However, roadway events often happen quickly since there are often many moving parts (e.g., bikes, shoppers, motorists, skateboarders) at play. Because of this, it can be challenging to prove who is at fault and what a fair outcome would be.

Injured people can help build a legal claim by gathering sufficient evidence to support their side. For example, under Arizona Revised Statutes § 28-792, motorists must yield the right of way to those on foot crossing the side of the road the vehicle would need to use. Those injured by an impatient driver may locate traffic camera footage to show the driver broke this rule.

Peoria attorneys could serve as a valuable resource to help those hurt by a car while walking on or near the street. Our team is familiar with the ever-changing liability laws and ways to gather and use evidence. We could also advise on whether a settlement agreement makes sense for them to sign or has unfavorable terms.

How Could Comparative Negligence Impact Someone’s Settlement?

The damage from an impact with a vehicle can create immense setbacks in one’s life, such as having to take time off work. Arizona law empowers eligible people to fight for a settlement to address the widespread effects of a collision. As closely as possible, this financial award seeks to make the person whole after their experience, potentially providing them with the following:

  • Reimbursement for lost wages during the recovery period
  • Funds to address the person’s pain, suffering, discomfort, and inconvenience
  • Money to cover the added healthcare costs for accident-related surgeries, treatments, and prescriptions

Arizona’s comparative negligence rule Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 12-2505 may reduce an injured person’s settlement based on the percentage of fault they carry for what occurred. For example, if the court determines the injured person is five percent to blame for the incident or its repercussions, the person may only recover 95 percent of their damages. Injured pedestrians can help limit the chance of having their settlement reduced by developing strong legal arguments in their favor.

To accomplish this, Peoria pedestrians harmed in accidents may partner with a knowledgeable lawyer. The attorney could scour the record to find solid evidence to use to support the injured person’s claim for damages. Likewise, they could leverage their legal training to locate laws that boost the person’s chances of successfully bringing a court case.

Reach Out to a Peoria Attorney for Legal Help After a Pedestrian Crash

Enduring injuries from getting hit by a car, bicycle, or other vehicle can set in motion a long journey to recovery. When you are hurt, or your loved one is killed in a collision with a vehicle, suing those at fault may be possible. Taking this step may enable you to seek closure and reimbursement for what you have gone through.

Our law firm provides exceptional attention and dedication to clients and their families in the aftermath of crashes. Ready to take the next step to pursue justice? Contact a Peoria pedestrian accident lawyer today to schedule an initial consultation.