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Victims of childhood sexual abuse may not know where to turn for help, both for the physical and emotional trauma they have suffered and for legal assistance.

The Peoria child sexual abuse lawyers can not only help you determine if you may be able to file a lawsuit, we are prepared to help organize counseling and other support services. The consultation is completely confidential and free, and there is no obligation to file a lawsuit. Our attorneys do not get paid unless our clients receive compensation at the end of the legal process.

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Can I File a Lawsuit?

This is something you should discuss with a licensed Peoria child sexual abuse lawyer in a free consultation. There are many factors that need to be carefully considered.

There is limited time to file a case, so it is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible. Once the deadline passes, you may lose the right to file a lawsuit.

Civil and criminal cases are regulated differently, so you can still file a civil case if you already filed a criminal case and it was unsuccessful.

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Defining Child Sexual Abuse

Any type of sexual activity between an adult and a minor is illegal. The activity does not need to include physical contact between the two parties to be considered child sexual abuse. For example, phone calls or text messages could be sexually abusive if they contain sexually explicit content.

Some examples of child sexual abuse include:

  • Rape
  • Rape with a foreign object
  • Touching a child in a sexual way
  • Sexual intercourse with a child
  • Trafficking a child for sex
  • Coercing or manipulating a child into exposing himself or herself to an adult
  • Sharing pornography with a minor
  • Forcing a child to touch himself or herself in a sexual way
  • Fondling oneself in front of a child
  • Being photographed while performing sexual acts

If you suffered any form of abuse as a child, or your son or daughter has been abused, filing a lawsuit may allow you to hold the perpetrator liable and obtain compensation for physical, financial and emotional damages.

Liability in a Child Sexual Abuse Case

One of the worst parts about child sexual abuse is the perpetrator is often someone the child knows and trusts. This is one of the reasons why the abuse may go on for a long time, in some cases even years, before the victim is able to tell someone, or it is discovered by others.

The abusers may be protected by the organizations they work for, such as:

  • Summer camps
  • Schools
  • Daycare organizations
  • Churches
  • Dance clubs
  • Gymnastics organizations
  • Other religious organizations
  • Youth sports teams or management organizations for sports teams
  • Boy Scouts

These organizations could potentially be held liable for failing to report abuse, failing to properly monitor staff members, negligent hiring, and possibly other forms of negligence.

Our Peoria child sexual abuse lawyers are dedicated to holding organizations/institutions liable for allowing abuse to go on. Our goal is to help prevent more children from being abused and to recover compensation to help pay for counseling and other support services to deal with the trauma victims are suffering.

Compensation for Sexual Abuse Victims

In a personal injury lawsuit, you can pursue compensation for past, current and future medical bills for treatment of physical and psychological injuries, and you may also be eligible to obtain compensation for physical pain and emotional suffering. Additionally, victims may be eligible to seek compensation for wages lost as a result of their psychological trauma.

Each case is unique, so it is important to discuss the situation with a licensed attorney. Phillips Law Group’s Peoria child sexual abuse lawyers are committed to pursuing maximum compensation for these cases.

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Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse Cases

The deadline used to be just two years from the victim’s 18th birthday, and if you had not filed a case before those two years passed, you would likely lose the right to do so.

However, in mid-2019, Arizona’s governor signed a new bill into law giving victims of sexual abuse 12 years from their 18th birthday to file a lawsuit. Another section of the bill says anyone who missed the old deadline had until Dec. 31, 2020 to file a claim.

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Injuries and Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

Children can suffer severe and even lifelong injury or impairment because of sexual abuse. Sex organs can be damaged and permanently impaired. Children may suffer additional pain and severe problems with gastrointestinal health.

The psychological trauma from abuse can be debilitating to a child and affect him or her for the rest of his or her life. He or she may suffer from severe depression or personality disorders that require long-term use of psychiatric medication.

Victims are often anxious, have trouble sleeping and may have suicidal thoughts or even attempt suicide. They may also struggle to have healthy romantic relationships or maintain relationships with family members.

Signs Your Child May Have Been Abused

Children may be scared to tell anyone about the abuse they are suffering. Children may feel ashamed or that something is wrong with them. Their abuser may have threatened them with physical harm if they tell anyone.

Unfortunately, parents may not be able to rely on other adults, such as teachers, coaches, administrators or others to report abuse. Sometimes they may even be protecting abusers to try to protect the reputation of the organization where they work.

That is why parents should watch for signs their child may be suffering abuse, which could include:

  • Difficultly sitting down
  • Limp or abnormal walk or gait
  • Blood in underwear or bloody stool (has a dark, almost black, tarry appearance)
  • Urinary tract infections (common in female sexual abuse victims)
  • Anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders
  • Severe depression
  • Bedwetting
  • Fear of certain people, particularly fear of being alone with certain people
  • Aggressiveness that is unusual
  • Self-harm
  • Understanding of sexual activity that is inappropriate for the age of the child

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Resources for Sexual Abuse Victims

If your child has been abused, there are many resources available to provide support to families and children:

  • RAINN is the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the country. The organization is focused on developing programs and services to support survivors and their loved ones.
  • Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault is an organization providing crisis services, advocacy, support and therapy to those impacted by sexual trauma.
  • Yavapai Family Advocacy Center is dedicated to helping prevent abuse and provide a supportive environment for victims.

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