Wet Floor Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Even if you are usually sure on your feet, walking over a wet or slick area when you are expecting it to be dry can very easily lead to you taking a hard fall onto an unforgiving surface, which in turn can lead to you suffering a serious and potentially even life-altering injury. Unfortunately, filing suit against a landowner who failed to properly warn you about their wet floor can be trickier in practice than you might expect, especially if you do not have extensive experience pursuing civil claims of this nature.

Put simply, if you recently got hurt in a wet floor accident in Phoenix, AZ, contacting a skilled slip and fall attorney should be among your top priorities. In addition to helping you collect relevant evidence and build the strongest claim possible based on your unique circumstances, our dedicated legal counsel can also ensure your lawsuit or settlement demand accounts for the full value of all past and future losses you will experience as a direct result of your accident.

Establishing Valid Grounds for a Wet Floor Accident Lawsuit

The “duty of care” that an Arizona landowner owes to visitors on their property can change slightly depending on why a particular person is visiting in the first place. That said, property owners are broadly obligated to warn lawful visitors about all hazards they already know about and to also inspect their property regularly for undiscovered hazards if they operate a commercial property or otherwise financially benefit from their visitors’ presence.

This is why retail store operators, for example, put yellow “Wet Floor” signs up next to spills or on recently cleaned floors—that sign serves as a warning to nearby visitors that they should be careful not to slip and generally absolves the landowner of legal liability for any slip and fall injury that happens there. As a qualified attorney could further explain, though, the presence of a “Wet Floor” sign alone does not necessarily make it impossible to sue over a wet floor accident in Phoenix, AZ, nor does the lack of one necessarily always justify a claim.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

Regardless of the specific circumstances, a landowner found primarily at fault for a property visitor slipping and falling on an improperly addressed wet floor may hold financial liability for every negative effect that visitor suffers because of their fall. This includes both economic and non-economic, past and future damages like:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Expected costs of future rehabilitative and/or disability maintenance care
  • Lost work income while recovering from an injury
  • Lost long-term earning capacity due to a new disability
  • Personal property loss/damage
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Emotional anguish and psychological suffering
  • Lost overall quality/enjoyment of life

However, any amount of “comparative fault” an injured person holds for causing their wet floor accident through their own negligent behavior could result in them missing out on compensation they otherwise would have been entitled to receive—an outcome which seasoned legal counsel in Phoenix, Arizona could provide crucial help with avoiding.

Contact a Phoenix, AZ Attorney for Help After a Wet Floor Accident

Wet floors can be dangerous even to people who know they are there and are usually sure of foot. If you were not properly warned about a wet floor on someone else’s land, that landowner may hold civil liability for any injuries and losses you sustained due to an ensuing slip and fall.

Wet floor accidents in Phoenix, AZ can be much easier to take proactive legal action over with support from an experienced slip and fall lawyer. Call today to discuss your options with a trusted advocate who has been serving the local community for over 30 years.