Walk-In Bathtub Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

On the surface, walk-in bathtubs may seem like an attractive improvement to a bathroom for seniors. Companies that sell walk-in bathtubs tell elderly customers that falls are the leading cause of death among the elderly in an attempt to scare them into purchasing these tubs when they may not actually be a safe alternative for many seniors.

Walk-in tubs can be very expensive, but adult children who are trying to make choices to protect their elderly parents may think the expense is worth it to save them from devastating injuries due to falls in regular tubs. That fear is capitalized on in order to scare people into making these big purchases, when in reality, walk-in tubs themselves can actually lead to injuries for seniors.

For instance, if an elderly individual or anyone with limited mobility falls inside a walk-in tub, it can be very difficult for them to get out on their own. This can obviously lead to dangerous situations, and in fact, there have already been some deaths due to these types of walk-in tubs.

In addition, there has already been one major product recall of this type of bathtub: Safe Step Walk-In Tubs were recalled in February 2015 after a hazard was discovered in which the tub’s heated seat would get stuck in the “on” position, and if an item like towel was covering the seat of an empty tub, the seat could overheat. This resulted in a potential burn hazard to anyone using the tubs.

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