Stairwell Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Losing your footing when you are not expecting to can be dangerous even if you are on completely level ground and have a relatively soft surface to fall onto. If you slip or trip while you are climbing or descending stairs, though, your landing is likely to be anything but soft, and you are likely to end up suffering a serious injury resulting in significant financial, physical, and personal losses.

Just like any other dangerous property condition, a poorly maintained staircase could potentially be the basis for a personal injury claim governed by premises liability law. That said, stairwell accidents in Phoenix, AZ very often make for complex civil cases, and assistance from a skilled and experienced slip and fall attorney can often make all the difference in whether your legal proceedings ultimately have a favorable outcome for you.

Common Causes of Stairwell Accidents

There are numerous structural flaws on individual stairs or in a stairwell in general which could potentially lead to someone slipping or tripping and suffering serious injuries through an ensuing fall, including but not limited to:

  • Uneven riser or step sizes
  • Broken or missing steps
  • Loose or frayed carpeting
  • Lack of non-slip material
  • Missing or broken handrails
  • Lack of sufficient lighting

Since falls on staircases often lead to people falling down multiple steps at once, it is especially likely for this kind of fall to result in traumatic injuries like broken bones, ligament tears, concussions and other brain injuries, and even spinal cord damage resulting in permanent paralysis.

Ultimately, though, what matters when it comes to suing over a stairwell accident in Phoenix, AZ is not exactly how it happened or what specific injuries stemmed from it, but rather whether it happened specifically because of a landowner’s reckless or careless conduct. Put simply, if a landowner knew that one of the dangerous conditions mentioned above existed on stairs within their property but did not promptly fix the hazard or properly warn lawful visitors about it, they may be liable for ensuing injuries based on their own “negligence.”

Getting Around Obstacles to Effective Civil Recovery

All that being said, a person who is partly to blame for their own Phoenix, AZ stairwell injury may not be able to recover fully for all their ensuing losses. In fact, Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-2505 would allow a court to reduce the value of their final damage award in proportion to their percentage share of “comparative fault” for their own injuries.

On top of that, A.R.S. § 12-542 typically gives people who get hurt through someone else’s negligence a maximum of two years after initially sustaining that injury to file suit over it. Failing to begin the legal process within this strictly enforced deadline will almost always lead to the case being thrown out of court and the injured person having no way of ever getting paid for that particular accident.

Get in Touch With a Phoenix, AZ Attorney About a Stairwell Accident Claim

Whether it happens on the first step of a flight of stairs or the fiftieth, falling from any kind of elevated height makes you significantly more likely to suffer serious harm compared to almost any kind of fall onto level ground. Fortunately, you may also have a right to demand significant civil compensation after a fall of this nature if you can trace it directly back to someone else’s negligent property management.

Taking effective legal action over a stairwell accident in Phoenix, AZ could be much easier with a knowledgeable legal professional on your side. Call today to learn how our team could assist you.