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Whether your business is large or small, disputes and litigation can be very difficult to resolve. If you are involved in a dispute concerning a contract, real estate, partnership, shareholder, intellectual property or another issue, you should consider contacting a Yuma business litigation lawyer.

Our attorneys can guide you through the legal process, working toward a fair resolution of the litigation/dispute. Our firm has represented many businesses, including Fortune 500 companies like Walgreens, United Technologies, Chubb Insurance, Home Depot and State Farm.

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Business Litigation Cases

The Yuma business litigation lawyers at our firm are prepared to help businesses with many kinds of disputes, which may include:

  • Breach of Contract ”“ These disputes involve one party trying to enforce the terms of a contract after it was violated by the other party that signed the contract. Businesses often suffer financially from breach of contract, such as when someone fails to pay a debt, breaks a lease, or does not honor the terms of a sale or purchase.
  • Trademark or Copyright Disputes ”“ This involves one business filing a claim against another for infringing on its intellectual property.
  • Landlord Disputes with Tenants ”“ These often involve failure to pay rent, failure to maintain the property or make repairs, or fulfill some other obligation outlined in a lease.
  • Franchise Disputes ”“ These can be particularly complicated because federal and state laws can be involved. Even though a particular franchise is in one state, the owner may be in another.
  • Shareholder Disputes ”“ These often arise when there are disagreements over how a corporation should be governed. These disputes could also be about financial problems with the company.
  • Disputes with Construction Contracts ”“ This often involves failure to pay for a construction project or a dispute over the cost of a repair, such as a repair by an electrician. There can also be cases of construction companies failing to secure the proper permits for a job.

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What if the Agreement That is in Dispute Was Verbal?

You may still be able to enforce an agreement that was not written down. However, the burden of proof in this kind of dispute would be on you or someone authorized to sign on your behalf.

Many kinds of agreements governed by Arizona’s Statute of Frauds must be written down and meet other specific criteria to be enforceable.

As this is a complex issue, you should discuss it with a Yuma business litigation lawyer in a free legal consultation.

Why Should I Work with an Attorney?

These cases can easily be very complicated, involving many different factors, laws, parties and issues that need to be resolved. These cases can also take quite a long time to resolve.

You could greatly benefit from the extensive knowledge of our Yuma business litigation lawyers. Our legal team can also research the specific issues that come up with your claim to determine the laws that apply and how to build a robust argument in your business’s best interests.

Our attorneys can manage the process for you, keeping you updated on the status of the case and answering your questions.

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Our attorneys welcome an opportunity to review your business dispute and determine if we may be able to help you reach a fair resolution that protects your business. We are dedicated to protecting business owners’ rights throughout Arizona and have represented several Fortune 500 companies.

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