Tour Bus Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

In 2011, the Arizona Department of Transportation recorded 868 commercial or non-commercial bus accidents, which resulted in 184 injuries, 678 cases of property damage, and six deaths.

Tour buses are a very popular form of transportation when traveling in large groups due to their large capacity and ability to offer individuals comfort and sometimes entertainment while traveling long or short distances. Furthermore, many individuals trust these large busses to provide them with a safe from of transportation from one location to another, however occasionally these tour busses may become involved in an accident.

The attorneys at Phillips Law Group have sympathy for those injured in bus accidents by the negligent actions of another individual. Our Phoenix injury lawyers firmly believe that when someone causes injury to an innocent individual, that person must take responsibility for their actions and pay for the damages they have caused.

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Tour Bus Collision Liability

Typically, when individuals least expect it is when accidents tend to occur, which unfortunately will result in an injury. Of course, these injured individuals will soon realize that being injured in a tour bus accident has many core complexities than simply being involved in an automobile accident. This is because there may be several individuals and entities involved, including the tour bus company. Thus, it is imperative to find an attorney to assist you with these injuries and damages.

Some common liable parties in tour bus accidents include:

  • Bus Company
  • Destinations Traveled
  • Other Drivers
  • Passengers
  • Pedestrians
  • Tour Company
  • Travel Group

In any case, there will typically be several complexities associated with this type of accident, thus it is important to find legal representation for your case.

Causes of Tour Bus Accidents

There may be several different reasons for the occurrence of tour bus accidents; of course each of them will come with their own degree of complexities, while it is not uncommon for these types of accidents to be associated with a variety of complexities. In any case, general negligence may be attributed to a tour bus accident occurring.

Some causes of these accidents include:

Following any type of bus accident, there may be several types of injuries and possibly death due to the lack of safety protection to individuals riding these busses.

Types of Accident Injuries

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, there may be a number of different injuries that result. These injuries can depend on the speed of the accident, location, and for passengers, if they were seated, standing, or had their seatbelt buckled.

Some injuries caused by tour bus wrecks include:

Once you have been involved in a bus accident, it is recommended to seek medical attention. This will help to treat any underlying injuries while also providing treatment to any visible injuries that may have occurred. This will also provide you with the medical documents needed by an attorney to help formulate a case against the negligent and injury causing individuals.

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