Fees for Filing Bankruptcy in Phoenix, AZ

At Phillips Law Group, their Phoenix and Tempe, Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers want to provide you with a fresh start. It is extremely inexpensive to hire an AZ bankruptcy attorney to file bankruptcy when compared to your other options – which include simply paying all of your bills. Experienced bankruptcy lawyers can help you correctly list all of your obligations and help you keep as much property as possible and eliminate as much debt as possible. If you do not file the bankruptcy paperwork correctly or if you use an unlicensed, non-attorney, the problems and expenses you may face could exceed the cost of what using experienced bankruptcy lawyers to file your Arizona bankruptcy would have cost.

To file a bankruptcy case, there are basically two costs – a filing fee paid to the United States Bankruptcy Court, and legal fees to your AZ bankruptcy attorneys.

Phoenix Bankruptcy Payment Plans

At Phillips Law Group, their Phoenix, Arizona bankruptcy lawyers have flat fees that will cover the work on your entire case. Their bankruptcy fees are based on a number of factors and all cases are different. Your fees will be based on the work the bankruptcy lawyers will have to perform on your case.

To determine an appropriate fee for a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire so that we can better understand your financial situation. The less complicated your case is, the lower your bankruptcy lawyers fees will be. After your fees are determined in advance, you will know for sure the total cost of services before we file your case.

The Phoenix, Arizona area bankruptcy lawyers atPhillips Law Group want to help and will do whatever is needed to make their services affordable. Their lawyers can begin your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case with little or no money down and set up an affordable payment plan. Most people pay their own bankruptcy lawyers fees in affordable monthly or weekly installments.

Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona

Bankruptcy courts require that legal and filing fees be paid before your Arizona Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is filed in court. You cannot pay for your bankruptcy case with your own credit card. However, the Phillips Law Group does accept credit cards from other people if they want to pay for your bankruptcy case. Friends and family members sometimes can help but they must give you the money for the fees – not simply loan you the money.

Bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment, lawsuits, wage garnishments and protect your personal property. Bankruptcy is your legal right and at Phillips Law Group, their Phoenix, Arizona bankruptcy lawyers can help you now. Contact them for your free debt evaluation.



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