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When a victim of an accident experiences severe burn injuries, he or she may suffer chronic pain and permanent scarring or disfigurement. This type of injury often requires extensive medical treatment that can be costly and set you back financially. This is why we suggest seeking legal counsel from an experienced Kingman or Lake Havasu City burn injury lawyer.

At Phillips Law Group, our firm has helped more than 155,000 clients obtain millions in compensation. This includes a $325,000 recovery for a victim who suffered second and third degree burns in a premises accident. Founder Jeffrey Phillips is a member of the National Trial Lawyers Association ”“ Top 100 and the American Association for Justice.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation to review your situation and determine how we may be able to help you pursue compensation. If you have a valid case and move forward with one of our lawyers, we will not charge you any upfront fees. This is because we work on contingency ”“ we only get paid if we help you obtain compensation for your burn injury.

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Am I Eligible to Pursue Financial Compensation?

It is difficult to determine if you are able to pursue compensation without knowing the specific details of your situation. It is in your best interest to speak to a qualified Lake Havasu City burn injury attorney to find out if you have that option.

Our legal team is prepared to review four important factors to help determine if negligence was the cause of your burn injury. These factors include:

  • Duty of care ”“ The at-fault party had a legal obligation to act in a reasonable manner to prevent you and others from harm. For example, your landlord must ensure that the residence is equipped with fire alarms and fire extinguishers in case of a fire.
  • Breach of duty of care ”“ The at-fault party failed to uphold his or her legal duty by failing to act or acting in a way that is negligent, careless or reckless.
  • Causation ”“ The at-fault’s breach of duty must be directly linked to the injuries you suffered. Had he or she acted differently, you would not have been harmed.
  • Damages ”“ You suffered some form of damages, such as medical bills or lost wages.

All four elements must be proven to have a valid case for compensation. Establishing a case for negligence is not easy, especially on your own without legal representation. There is no cost for our firm to review your claim and you are under no obligation to take legal action.

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What is the Value of My Burn Injury Case?

Each burn injury case is unique, so it is difficult to put a direct value on your claim unless we know the specifics of your accident. There are a number of factors that our legal team may consider, such the severity of your burn injuries, medical treatment acquired and the time that is expected for you to make a full recovery, if possible.

Generally, burn injury victims may be able to pursue compensation that falls under two categories: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

These damages are generally the financial losses you experience as a result of your burn injury. These losses can be proven with receipts or other types of records and may include:

  • Past and ongoing medical bills
  • Corrective surgery
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Physical therapy
  • Property damage
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of earning capacity

Non-Economic Damages

Unlike economic damages, these losses are more difficult to calculate because they have no monetary value. Examples include the following:

  • Mental anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

For help determining the value of your damages and how to move forward with the legal process, our Lake Havasu City burn injury lawyers are ready to provide the answers needed.

How Can a Lawyer from Phillips Law Group Help?

If you plan on pursuing compensation for your burn injuries, you may be wondering how hiring a lawyer can benefit you. Most personal injury lawsuits that are pursued with legal representation typically have a better outcome and higher value of compensation compared to those handled without legal help.

When you suffer a burn injury, the lawyers at Phillips Law Group understand the time and energy needed to make a full recovery. It is difficult to focus on your health and well-being when your focus is aimed on legal issues. This is why it is important to have a licensed lawyer with a proven track record obtaining millions in compensation to represent you.

If you have a case, our lawyers are prepared to handle the following on your behalf:

  • Thoroughly investigate the accident that caused your burn injury
  • Gather evidence to help prove negligence occurred
  • Determine an accurate value for your injury claim
  • Communicate with insurance companies and other involved parties
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement or head to trial, if necessary

Is There a Deadline to Take Legal Action?

Personal injury claims in Arizona must be filed within two years starting from the date that the burn injury occurred. This is because Arizona strictly follows the statute of limitations, which legally determines the amount of time you have to take legal action.

It is important to file a claim as soon as possible because building a strong case takes time. Two years may seem like plenty of time to file a claim, but the legal process is often long and tedious, so the sooner you begin the process, the better outcome you may have.

However, each case is different, and even if you are nearing the two-year deadline or have already passed it, this should not hold you back from getting in touch with a Lake Havasu City burn injury attorney to help determine the deadline that may apply to your situation.

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Who May Be Held Liable for a Burn Injury Accident?

Parties that may be held liable for a burn injury accident include:

  • Product manufacturers
  • Companies or business owners
  • Landlords or property owners

If you or someone you love has been burned in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, it is in your best interest to reach out to an attorney from our firm at Phillips Law Group as soon as possible.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are classified as follows based on how deep the burn penetrates the skin:

  • First-degree burns ”“ These burns only affect the outer layer of the skin and typically do not produce blisters. The wound may appear red in color and cause pain.
  • Second-degree burns ”“ These burns affect the outer and inner layer of the skin. The wound may appear bright red or pink in color, produce swelling and painful blisters.
  • Third-degree burns ”“ These burns destroy multiple layers of the skin, including muscle, tissue and bone. The wound may appear white, charred or blackened.

Severe burn injuries can often lead to infection or worse if not properly treated. It is important to seek medical attention, whether at Havasu Regional Medical Center’s Wound Care Center or another medical facility nearby in the Kingman area.

What Are the Causes of Burn Injuries?

There are a number of different situations that can cause a person to suffer burn injuries, such as:

  • Auto accidents
  • Building fires
  • Defective products
  • Workplace accidents
  • Radiation
  • Gas explosions
  • Chemical accidents
  • Electrocutions

These accidents typically fall under four categories of burns, including:

  • Light burns ”“ These burns are typically caused by overexposure to UV rays from the sun. The extent of the injury depends on an individual’s skin type and amount of exposure to the sun.
  • Chemical burns ”“ A chemical burn is caused by skin or eye contact with a substance that contains acid or base found in products, like bleach, car battery acid and pool chlorination products.
  • Thermal burns ”“ These types of burns occur from touching flames or getting scalded from steam or hot liquid.
  • Radiation burns ”“ Contact with radioactive materials and nuclear radiation typically cause radiation burns.

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Burn injuries can cause a victim to suffer severe pain and substantial medical expenses for an extended period of time. To find out if you have a case to pursue compensation for the damages you have experienced, reach out to our reputable lawyers to protect your rights.

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