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When a customer purchases publicly traded securities through an investment company, there is an assumed level of trust. If a financial company violates certain securities laws or neglects to provide a customer with full and transparent disclosure about his or her investment, a customer may have legal cause to pursue recovery of any losses incurred.

The Glendale securities litigation lawyers at Phillips Law Group have recovered more than $1 billion in compensation for over 155,000 consumer clients. With more than two decades of litigation experience, we are well-versed in complex securities and know what it takes to build a strong case for your claim.

We accept securities litigation cases on contingency, which means that there are no upfront fees. We do not get paid unless we successfully obtain compensation on your behalf. Your initial consultation is free, confidential, and provides an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about the legal process.

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Why Consider Filing a Securities Lawsuit

An investor may consider filing a lawsuit to regain damages after falling victim to securities fraud. This type of financial misconduct usually happens when a broker, corporate insider or financial company is purposely deceptive about certain stock trading practices. Other incidents of financial harm may occur if an institution fails to fully disclose accurate information to a customer about his or her investments in an attempt to influence a transaction decision.

Common Types of Securities Litigation Cases

Our licensed Glendale securities litigation attorneys are prepared to handle a variety of securities litigation cases. Some of the most common include:

  • Backdating stock options”“ The practice of modifying the original stock option grant date to make a quick profit is illegal if an investor is not informed about it, or when the transaction is not properly documented in company financial statements or tax records.
  • Broker Negligence”“ Failure of a broker to responsibly recommend a reasonably appropriate investment that increases the potential of financial harm to the client.
  • Investment fraud”“ Types of investment fraud may include insider trading, Ponzi schemes, Pyramid schemes, market manipulation, advance fee fraud or affinity fraud.
  • Churning”“ When a broker buys and sells to excess to boost his or her commission. This negatively affects a client’s profit typically due to inadvisable trade timing or because of extra broker’s fees.
  • Failure to supervise ”“ Poor supervision combined with a lack of training can enable a broker to commit an act of fraud or other violation and lead to potential financial harm of an investor.
  • Earnings restatement”“ Amendments to financial statements are sometime necessary. However, it is illegal to make changes that may purposely mislead a potential investor about a company’s financial health.
  • Late day trading”“ The recording of trades in a daily net asset value is illegal if the transaction occurred after the marketing trading period was already closed for the day.
  • Market timing”“ This popular mutual fund practice of short-term trading is legal, even when a company sets exchange restrictions for a particular fund. However, in instances where investors are deceived or uninformed about actual exchanges that take place, there may be a securities violation.
  • Proxy solicitations”“ A shareholder may appoint another individual to vote on his or her behalf at special corporate meetings. In corporate settings, a proxy solicitation is typically accompanied by a proxy statement.

To learn whether you are eligible to pursue compensation for your losses, we encourage you to contact one of our Glendale securities litigation lawyers at our firm for a free and confidential consultation.

Am I Eligible to File a Securities Litigation Lawsuit?

There are many laws, regulations and other complexities involved in a securities litigation case. For this reason, it is difficult to accurately determine whether you may have a valid case without first reviewing the specific details of your situation.

This is why meeting with one of the experienced lawyers at Phillips Law Group makes sense. After falling victim to an investment loss because of someone else’s fraudulent actions, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed and confused about what steps you should take next. We welcome the opportunity to review your potential claim to see how we may provide the answers you need.

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How Can an Attorney Help Me Recover Damages?

Utilizing our extensive knowledge of litigation law, we consider legal options carefully to limit client risk. We also handle a wide range of diverse financial investments on a regular basis before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state and federal courts throughout the U.S., including the following:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Partnerships
  • Structure Projects
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities, such as COOs and CMOs

If we determine that you have a case, our legal team may be able to help you recover compensation for the damages that you have suffered. We are prepared to protect your financial and legal interests.

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Phillips Law Group has been protecting victim’s rights for more than two decades, having represented over 155,000 consumer clients in the process.

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