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Whistleblowers have an important role to play in identifying and helping stop government fraud, but being a whistleblower is not without risk, as your employer could retaliate against you.

If you know about fraud or illegal activity you should consult a trusted attorney who can explain your rights and guide you through the legal process, if you have a valid claim. You have protection from retaliation under state and federal laws, and our Flagstaff whistleblower lawyers may be able to obtain compensation for being a whistleblower.

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What to Know About the False Claims Act

The False Claims Act was created during the Civil War to help prevent military suppliers from defrauding the government.

This law says it is illegal for anyone to submit a false claim to the government or cause someone else to submit a false claim to the government. The purpose of a false claim could be to get money from the government or to avoid an obligation to pay the government.

Types of False Claims

False claims could be made in any industry that works with the government, particularly defense contractors and health care providers who bill Medicare and Medicaid. For example, health care providers may bill these government insurance programs for services that were never provided. They may also bill twice for the same service.

The same kinds of things could happen in the defense contracting industry. Defense contractors may also offer bribes or kickbacks or overbill for materials by claiming they are higher quality and therefore more expensive than they really are.

False claims could also occur in the following industries:

  • Financial services ”“ There can be government fraud with investments, government-backed mortgages and government-backed pensions.
  • Government-funded research ”“ The federal government pays a lot of money for research into various industries. Researchers sometimes submit fraudulent data to attempt to secure government funding.
  • Energy production ”“ There is intense competition among energy companies to get permission from the government to explore land to search for resources for energy production. These companies often are required to pay the government royalties and they sometimes scheme to reduce the amount of money they pay out.

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Benefits of a Whistleblower Lawyer

Whistleblowers may know a lot about the fraud they want to report, but they are often unsure about what to do next and what is involved in a whistleblower claim. This is why employees should seriously consider meeting with a licensed Flagstaff whistleblower attorney for a free legal consultation.

The attorneys at Phillis Law Group have detailed knowledge of these claims, the process for filing a claim, and compensation that may be available.

When you come in for an initial consultation, we can discuss what you know and how you came to discover the alleged fraud. We can then determine if the conduct you witnessed may have violated the False Claims Act or another law, such as the Dodd-Frank Act.

At that point, we can explain if you may have a case and you can decide if you want to move forward. One of the main factors we may consider is if the government is likely to get on board with your case. When the government joins a whistleblower claim, there is a much better chance of it being successful.

If the government joins, it takes over control of the case and it can decide whether to prosecute the case, settle or dismiss it.

When the claim is filed, it must be kept confidential for a certain period of time. After that, our Flagstaff whistleblower attorneys will do what we can to help keep your identity confidential.

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Compensation from a Whistleblower Claim

When the government joins a case, the whistleblower can receive anywhere between 15 and 25 percent of the recovered funds, if the government determines fraud occurred.

Without the government on board, you actually have a chance to recover a higher percentage of the recovered funds (25-30 percent), although these claims have less chance of success.

Our attorneys are prepared to aggressively pursue the maximum compensation available for the risk you took in coming forward.

Protection from Retaliation

Your employer could retaliate against you for filing a whistleblower claim. This could include being fired, suspended, demoted, threatened or harassed.

This is illegal under the False Claims Act, and if any form of retaliation occurs, you may be entitled to all relief necessary to put you back in the position you were before retaliation occurred.

According to the law, relief includes:

  • Reinstatement with the same seniority you would have had without the retaliation occurring
  • Twice the amount of back pay
  • Interest on back pay
  • Compensation for special damages you suffered because of retaliation, which can include reasonable attorney fees and litigation expenses

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There are many benefits to being represented by a qualified lawyer in your whistleblower claim. These cases are complicated. and a trusted attorney can guide you through each step of the process.

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Our Flagstaff whistleblower lawyers take cases on contingency. This means you will not be charged upfront fees if we take your case. Our lawyers do not receive payment unless we obtain compensation for you.

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