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When an individual buys publicly traded securities through an investment company, there is an expected level of trust between the customer and that company. Unfortunately, there are cases in which a financial company neglects to provide transparent disclosure about an investment or violates certain security laws, causing the customer to face financial losses.

Our Avondale securities litigation lawyers at Phillips Law Group understand how to handle these complex cases. During our nearly 30 years of experience, we have assisted over 155,000 clients and obtained more than $1 billion in compensation. We are well-versed in securities litigation law and understand how to build a strong case. Our founding partner Jeff Phillips is a member of the American Association for Justice and has had successful verdicts throughout Arizona, including Yavapai, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, and Maricopa counties.

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Do I Have Grounds to Pursue a Securities Litigation Case?

Individuals who have fallen victim to an investment loss due to another party’s fraudulent acts may be able to pursue damages for their losses. To understand if you have a legal case, we highly recommend reaching out to our team at Phillips Law Group to discuss your situation.

These cases are often complex and may involve a number of parties. During your free consultation with an Avondale securities litigation attorney from our firm, he or she can review the specifics of your situation and determine if pursuing compensation is right for you.

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How Does Hiring a Lawyer Help My Case?

At Phillips Law Group, our firm understands how difficult and overwhelming an investment loss can be. We work hard to provide on behalf of our clients’ best interests. We have experience handling a variety of financial investment cases before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), along with state and federal courts throughout the United States, including the following:

  • Partnerships
  • Hedge Funds
  • Structure Projects
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities, like CMOs and COOs

We understand the added stress a legal case can have on a person’s life after facing a financial loss. If you have a valid securities litigation case, we will aim to ease the burden by handling the case on your behalf.

Our attorneys may be able to run a thorough investigation to evaluate the situation. We may offer legal guidance throughout the entirety of the legal claim. We may also help you build a strong case and ensure that all important documents are filed accurately and before set deadlines.

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Securities Litigation Cases Phillips Law Group Handles

At Phillips Law Group, we are prepared to handle many different types of securities litigation cases. This commonly includes:

Market Manipulation

A broker may use market manipulation to convince a customer to invest based off of misguided or false information, causing a customer to invest more than its actual value. The broker typically cashes out on his or her shares for profit.

Investment Fraud

Investment fraud involves a scheme or deception about an investment that affects a particular company or investor. This type of investment fraud, such as Pyramid or Ponzi schemes, often aim to persuade certain target groups, such as religious groups, to take on investments that are generally too good to be true.

Insider Trading

Sometimes a financial institution or broker uses inside information that is generally not known by the public for their own personal benefit. Examples of this type of activity, called insider trading, includes exchanging securities after discovering confidential information about a company’s financial position.


The practice of churning is when a broker excessively trades or buys investments on behalf of an investor for his or her own profitable growth. In this type of fraudulent activity, an investor may lose a great amount of money because of the unexpected timing of trades.

Broker Negligence

When an investor seeks out advice about a potential investment, the broker is expected to provide beneficial information to help the investor make a gainful profit from the investment. If a broker purposely deceives the investor for his or her own personal gain, the victim may be eligible to pursue a claim.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

Financial institutions and brokers have a legal obligation, or fiduciary duty, to investors. This means that they are expected to act in good faith with fair dealing and full disclosure. Examples of a fiduciary breach may include, the misuse of an influential position, misappropriation of funds, failing to disclose certain information and neglect of responsibilities.

Failure to Supervise

A brokerage firm could be liable for financial losses if they fail to properly oversee their brokers and any actions they do that are not in compliance with state or federal security laws.

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