Phillips Law Group Volunteers Assist with A New Leaf Kids Event

group photo of several volunteers posing at a new leaf kids event

On May 18, a group of volunteers from Phillips Law Group had the opportunity to assist with an event hosted by A New Leaf, one of our ongoing community service partners. The A New Leaf kids event allowed the children of parents served by the organization to have fun under volunteer supervision while their parents participated in a foster care conference.

A New Leaf Kids Event Enjoyed by All

From 10:00 am to 1:30 pm, several Phillips Law volunteers helped watch kids while their parents took part in an important conference. They hosted various activities including games, face painting, playing kids’ music, and more to keep the kids occupied for several hours. 

There were 13 volunteers total from our firm, including a few new faces. A handful of regulars helped out as well, including the Community Outreach Assistant at Phillips Law Group, Sharon Mews.

“My group was the 6-11 year olds, and oh my! They were very energetic, to say the least,” she said. She noted that one volunteer, Ilce, engaged the little ones in a sack race, with the challenge of keeping balls being played with by the children from flying through the air during the race. 

“The kids loved it,” she added.

Parents at A New Leaf Kids Event Were ‘Super Thankful’

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There were plenty of different activities for the kids to enjoy, depending on what they were in the mood for. For example, one volunteer brought mini canvases for the children to paint on, but other kids chose to play a Velcro ball game similar to playing darts.

Volunteers also helped serve cupcakes, snacks, and pizza for the kids, and the adults had a blast interacting with the little ones in attendance. 

“I was with the 6-11 year olds so it was chaotic,” Christian Conrad, the Social Media Specialist at Phillips Law Group joked. “Balls flying everywhere, kids running everywhere…”

Luis Reynoso, the firm’s overall Social Media Manager, helped with the babies at the event, who he said were “super cute.”

“The parents were super thankful to have a break from their kids for a couple of hours,” he said.

Indeed, the event was a very memorable one for the kids the volunteers got to work with, and it was a much-needed service for parents so they could focus on absorbing important information at the foster care conference without worrying about their children. It was an amazing opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of the kids A New Leaf serves.

If you’d like to volunteer at our next community outreach event, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how you can help! We always have upcoming opportunities that could use the assistance of a few extra helping hands. Please call today to get involved – we’d love to work side by side with you to make an impact in the community!