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Electric scooters may seem like a much more convenient way to get around than your car or a bus, but they are much more dangerous than most people realize. Riders can hurt themselves along with pedestrians and potentially cause car accidents and property damage.

When these accidents happen, victims should consider seeking legal representation. Phillips Law Group’s trusted attorneys have obtained hundreds of millions in compensation for injury victims in more than 27 years. Your consultation with our attorneys is free of charge and you are under no obligation to take legal action. Our attorneys represent clients on contingency so there are no upfront fees for hiring us.

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Do I Have a Case and What Might it be Worth?

These are very difficult questions to answer until you meet with a licensed Yuma scooter accident lawyer. Each situation is unique, involving unique injuries, damages, at-fault parties and types of negligence.

Our experienced attorneys understand what injury victims go through and how much their lives can be disrupted by the damages they suffer. We know victims can lose wages, struggle to continue working in the same job and suffer damage to their relationship with their spouse. Victims may be able to pursue compensation for current, as well as future medical bills, along with the costs of rehabilitation for the injury.

In a free consultation we can determine if you have a valid case and what it may be worth. The consultation is also a chance for you to get your questions answered.

Our lawyers are here to help after an accident.

Why Should I Consider Contacting a Lawyer?

It is generally true that accident victims who allow an attorney to handle their case are able to recover more money compared to those who go through the legal process without a lawyer.

However, another reason to contact an attorney soon after an accident is because there are deadlines for pursuing compensation. The experienced Yuma scooter accident lawyers at Phillips Law Group can help ensure your case is filed before the deadline so you do not lose the chance to pursue compensation for damages. We have detailed knowledge of the deadlines for filing claims and how to determine the deadline that applies to a specific case.

It is difficult for injury victims to determine the deadline because it can be different for each case. Generally, the deadline, also known as the statute of limitations, is two years from the date of the accident. In some cases, there are exceptions, depending on the age of the victim, who the claim is against and when the victim discovers the injury. These are things to discuss with an attorney as soon as possible, because the clock may already be ticking on the statute of limitations that applies to your claim.

What Should I do if an Insurance Company Calls?

Injury victims are often unsure of what to do after an accident. Insurance companies know this very well, and that is why they like to contact victims as soon as possible after an accident.

Insurance companies will use anything a victim says against them, so they are hoping you will say something to diminish the severity of your injuries, accept fault or otherwise hurt the value of your claim. Insurance companies want to close a claim as quickly as possible and pay out as little compensation as possible.

This is why victims need to be extremely careful with what they say to the insurance company. You should not say anything you are unsure of or that can be open to interpretation. Avoid talking about how severe your injuries are or how much pain you feel. You should also avoid admitting any amount of fault for what happened.

You can decline to answer the insurance company’s questions and have your attorney deal with the insurance company on your behalf. You also do not have to agree to provide a recorded statement or signing a release of your medical records.

Arizona Laws on Riding Scooters

There are various regulations on motorized and electric scooters that may be a factor in a scooter injury claim. For example, they cannot go faster than 25 mph, they must weigh less than 75 pounds, and can only be used on bike paths and roads.

However, they are not as regulated as motorcycles because licenses, insurance, registration or title are not required. Helmets are also not required, which could put riders at risk for severe injury in a crash, even at slower speeds.

In the spring of 2019, Arizona passed a new state law defining small scooters and stating that riders have the same rights and responsibilities as cyclists, unless local regulations say otherwise.

Were You on a Scooter or Moped?

One of the things our attorneys will attempt to determine when meeting with you is if the vehicle you were riding on was a scooter or moped, because there are different regulations for these two vehicles.

When a vehicle does not qualify as a scooter, or it can travel at more than 20 mph, it is considered a moped. Under the law, mopeds are required to be registered with the state, riders need to have insurance and their vehicles must have unique identification (letter, numbers or both that can be seen from at least five feet).

However, when a moped goes above 25 mph and has more horsepower than most mopeds, it may be considered a motorcycle. These vehicles have much stricter regulations than mopeds or electric scooters. Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets and must have insurance and a valid license.

Our attorneys have detailed knowledge of relevant laws and how to apply them to the specifics of your claim. We are also experienced at researching laws and regulations as we investigate a claim and begin building a case.

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Liability for a Scooter Crash

If you suffer an injury in a scooter crash, you may be able to pursue compensation if you can prove another party was negligent. There are several parties that could have been at fault for your scooter crash and the damages you have experienced.

For example, the rider could be at fault if he or she was driving recklessly or while distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Sometimes people on scooters go way too fast, putting pedestrians and those in nearby vehicles in danger.

Other at-fault parties for a scooter crash might include:

  • Drivers”“ They may not check for scooters when passing through crosswalks and can cause a catastrophic crash, as riders do not have any protection. Drivers are required to have liability insurance coverage you may be able to file a claim against.
  • Pedestrians”“ They need to watch where they are going because they could walk into the path of a scooter and get hit by it. They could also cause a scooter rider to move to avoid a collision and crash into another pedestrian, car or fixed object, like a road sign. As the scooter rider who suffered an injury, you may be able to file a claim against the pedestrian’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  • Product manufacturers”“ Sometimes accidents are caused by a defective component on the scooter. It could be defective in its design or the way it was assembled during the manufacturing process. Any party in the supply chain could potentially have liability for a scooter being defective, including retailers, wholesalers and companies involved in shipping.
  • The local government”“ When a scooter crash is caused by potholes or some other dangerous road condition, the government entity responsible for maintaining the road could be held liable for damages. Governments could also potentially be held liable for failing to put signs up warning about dangerous road conditions.

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