Insurance Companies After a Motorcycle Accident in Phoenix, AZ

Motorcycle owners are generally people who love the open road, love the independence that their preferred mode of transportation provides and also understand the risks involved with driving such a vehicle. While the climate and geography of Arizona is perfect for a motorcycle, those who ride them are as vulnerable here as they are anywhere else when it comes to potential collisions with larger vehicles. When these crashes occur, it often results in disastrous fallout, and Phoenix personal injury lawyers are constantly busy helping injured clients.

One look at the statistics will tell the story regarding the risks involved with driving a motorcycle in Phoenix. On average, almost 150 people are killed in motorcycle accidents every year and another 3,000 people are injured. Given the fact that these drivers and passengers are not protected by the body of a typical automobile, many of these injuries are quite severe. When a motorcycle accident occurs, almost everyone involved will at some point soon have to deal with an insurance company. Below is a brief overview of how to handle this process.

1. File Your Claim

After the accident and after you’ve given your police statement and obtained whatever medical attention you need, file your claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. This will at least get the process started in regards to your own coverage, and the sooner that gets moving the better off you’ll likely be in the long run. Once this claim is filed, you need to prepare to handle the incoming questions that are sure to be on the way from the other party’s insurance carrier.

2. Defer Any Questioning

When you are in a motorcycle accident, you’ll almost surely hear from a representative from the other party’s insurance company. While these contacts will likely be civil and polite on the surface, you need to remember that these professionals are well schooled in the art of protecting their employers from financial liability. Therefore, almost any question you answer or any statement you provide could wind up harming your position. Instead of getting into any details, politely tell this representative that you’d like him or her to simply refer to the police report for a summary of how the accident occurred.

3. Contact an Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While it would be a good idea to make this contact before you get involved with any insurance issues, you need to take this step at some point, and the sooner the better. The reason is that when you retain an attorney, you can simply refer all questions/concerns to your attorney, even from your own insurance company and their adjusters. If you retain an attorney before getting involved with an insurance company on either side of the issue, he or she will get in touch with these companies to let them know that you have representation and that all communications should come to his or her office.

Therefore, hiring an Phoenixmotorcycle accident attorney will likely remove most of the stress that comes with handling and dealing with insurance companies after an accident. If you’ve been involved in such an incident, contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.