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Burn injury victims often face long recovery times and significant medical expenses after suffering from the pain of the original injury. When burn injuries are caused by the negligence of another individual – or as a result of a dangerous or defective product malfunction – injury victims may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover financial compensation and to hold those negligent parties accountable for their actions.

If you or someone that you care for has become a burn injury victim, the Mesa burn injury lawyers at Phillips Law Group welcome the opportunity to review the details of the incident and help to determine if you have grounds to file a claim.

Our legal team have recovered more than $1 billion in compensation – including a $325,000 recovery for the victim of second and third degree burns – and represented more than 155,000 consumer clients over the past 27 years. We charge no upfront fees to review your case and we don’t get paid unless we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

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Do I Have A Burn Injury Case?

Proving negligence is an important component of a burn injury case. It must be proven that another party was responsible for the injuries that the plaintiff has received. Often, this involves determining that there has been a “breach of duty” or perhaps someone has not extended a “duty of care”.

For example – a person is using a small, electric room heater that is not supposed to catch on fire however, due to a design defect, the unit caught on fire and someone was burned as a result. In this example, the manufacturer of the room heater may have breached the duty of care that it owed to the victim.

Another example may be an apartment fire that could have been prevented had the landlord followed the fire safety laws as they relate to their property.

What Is My Case Worth?

When medical bills being to accumulate, burn victims may often begin to wonder if they have a case and if so, what the financial value of that case is. Due to the complexity of burn injury cases – and that as every case is different – it can be difficult to provide an accurate answer to that question without knowing the details associated with each specific case.

However, our attorneys understand that injury victims have questions about their potential case and we can help to provide answers to those questions. To get started today, we recommend contacting a burn injury lawyer at our firm so that we can review the details of your specific incident to determine if you have grounds to file a lawsuit.

How Can A Lawyer Help My Burn Injury Case?

In most personal injury lawsuits, plaintiffs that have legal representation receive more financial compensation when compared to plaintiffs that are not represented by an attorney.

Following a fire-related incident, insurance companies often get involved quickly in an effort to resolve the claim for the smallest financial outlay possible. Many burn injury victims are not aware of the tactics that insurers use and are often coerced into providing statements and other information that can be used to discredit their insurance claim.

Having Phillips Law Group in your corner can help to protect you against the tactics used by insurance companies, and provide accurate, honest information about your potential lawsuit.

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Common Causes of Burn Injuries

While there can be instances of burn injuries in the workplace, according to the National Fire Protection Association – more than 70 percent of all fire deaths occur at home. Kitchens, lit candles, smoking, space heaters and faulty wiring are among some of the most common causes of home fires, which can also be a source of burn injuries.

When apartment complexes are involved, landlords are obligated to abide by laws that have been designed to protect tenants from fire-related injuries. In the event that landlords do not follow these rules and regulations, they may be held accountable.

Types Of Burn Injuries

There are generally three primary types of burns that injury victims can face:

  • First Degree – these burns affect the outer layer of skin only and often look like a very severe sunburn. Most first degree burns take a week to heal and commonly, do not require hospitalization.
  • Second Degree – these burns affect both the outer and inner layers of skin. They often appear to be a bright red or pink color and take several weeks to heal. Second degree burn victims also often experience painful blisters while the wound heals.
  • Third Degree – these burns affect multiple layers including the skin, tissue, muscle and bone. Victims of third degree burns often suffer from scarring in the affected areas, with recovery times taking several months.

Many burn injury victims are required to undergo skin graft surgery, which can be painful and expensive. In a skin graft, healthy skin is taken from a healthy area and then applied to the burned area. During these types of surgeries, burn victims are exposed to bleeding and potential reactions to anesthesia, while post-surgery, they can be exposed to bacterial infections, nerve damage, pain and permanent nerve damage.

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