Pedestrian Accidents in Phoenix, AZ Involving Drunk Drivers

When people move around on foot, they often enjoy several benefits including fresh air, the chance to see new places and of course the benefits provided by exercise. However, when pedestrians are hit by moving vehicles, disaster often results, as the human body is simply not strong enough to withstand the force of an impact that’s generated by any moving vehicle. When a pedestrian is hit by a drunk driver in Arizona, the situation can be deadly. Anyone who has lost someone because of this situation should immediately seek the help of an Phoenix personal injury attorney, and below is a brief overview of this issue.

Arizona Pedestrian Accident Statistics

An analysis of this situation should start with a look at the statistics regarding Arizona pedestrian accidents, and these statistics are daunting. Every year, more than 1,500 pedestrian accidents take place in Arizona, and these collisions result in more than 1,300 injuries and more than 100 deaths. Broken down further, this equates to more than four Arizona pedestrian accidents per day and more than 3.5 injuries per day as a result of these collisions. This also equates to nearly two people per week being killed in these occurrences.

How Drunk Drivers Make Arizona Pedestrian Accidents Worse

Most of the time, when a motorist collides with a pedestrian, that motorist will see the pedestrian at the last second before the collision. This split-second will not prevent an injury, but even the slightest reduction in the force generated by a vehicle can make the difference between life and death. When someone has been drinking and then gets behind the wheel, that person’s vision, judgment and reaction time can all be seriously impaired. As a result, many car accidents that involve drunk drivers and pedestrians are such that the pedestrian endures the full force of the moving vehicle. Another problem with these situations is that a drunk driver is more likely to leave the scene of the accident than someone who has not been drinking, which not only makes it more difficult to reach a fair resolution of the matter but could also prevent the pedestrian from receiving critical, life-saving help.

Contact a Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Attorney

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