Benefits of a Phoenix, AZ Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Nursing or care homes are where we entrust the care of our loved ones to qualified medical professionals, who should do their utmost to protect and treat them. However, in 2020, there were over 19,000 nursing home abuse or neglect complaints in the United States. The sad fact is that not all nursing home residents are properly cared for.

If your family member suffered due to the actions or lack of action of nursing home staff, you may be entitled to compensation. Facilities are responsible for caring for their patients in the best way they are able to, and when they fail to do so – they must be held responsible. Our personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law Group know what a nursing home case entails, and we want to help you get the justice you deserve.

As a trusted Arizona law firm, with more than $1 billion won for our clients, we have the experience and resources needed to take on tough cases. We want to empower you and your family to get the help you need with your legal case, regardless of initial costs. That’s why we offer free initial consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, so there are no upfront costs. Contact us today to get started on your claim, at 602-222-2222.

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

While nursing home abuse may not occur in every residential care facility, it is a sadly common occurrence. In one 2018 study, the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) reported that people in nursing homes are vulnerable to various forms of abuse or neglect.

These include the following types of complaints and their overall percentage:

  • 29 percent – Physical abuse
  • 22 percent – Resident-on-resident abuse (physical or sexual)
  • 21 percent – Psychological abuse
  • 14 percent – Gross neglect
  • 7 percent – Financial exploitation
  • 7 percent – Sexual abuse

It is important to note that signs of nursing home abuse may vary depending on which form it takes. For example, there may be outward physical signs such as bruises, or there could be nothing physical present. Perhaps the main sign is a deep-seated fear that appears abruptly. The biggest thing is to watch for anything out of the ordinary or drastic changes which may have a more sinister cause.

If you have noticed signs of any of the above forms of abuse or neglect in your loved one, either before or after death – a nursing home abuse lawyer can help you. Phillips Law Group’s team, for one, can examine the circumstances your elderly loved one was living in and help you discover your options. Any of our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers will be able to advise you as to your next best step.

How Lawyers Can Help You and Your Family Recover

When you have a free consultation with a nursing home abuse lawyer, he or she will likely get details about your case by asking you questions, in addition to explaining how the personal injury claim process works. At Phillips Law Group, our compassionate lawyers try to understand what you are going through and help you to feel more confident about the future.

There are several ways in which a nursing home abuse lawyer can help you and your family’s chances of financial recovery through their thorough and efficient legal proceedings.


While we are investigating your family’s case of nursing home abuse, we will be carrying out various procedures in order to find evidence that supports our claim. This includes:

    • Talking to staff members,
    • Taking pictures of any injuries,
    • Taking pictures of where the abuse occurred,
    • Reviewing staff qualifications, and;
    • Talking to medical experts to determine how your loved one could have been affected

    Finding negligence

    In a nursing home abuse case, in order to obtain compensation, we need to prove that your loved one was mistreated or neglected due to some form of negligence. We need to prove that the staff members failed to exercise a reasonable amount of care to keep your loved one from being hurt. Without proof of negligence, we do not have a viable case, so this step is vital.

    Negotiating compensation

    As your case progresses, the other side may want to settle. Nursing homes often want to avoid bad publicity if a case of abuse goes all the way to trial. Your lawyer will help you to assess any settlement offers and make sure that you receive the full amount you would be entitled to – even if this means going to trial.

    Through each and every step of this process, your Phillips Law Group attorney will keep you updated and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Facing a situation like this on your own can be overwhelming – that’s why it’s so important to choose your legal team wisely. A good nursing home abuse lawyer can help you get the outcome you and your family deserve while removing some of the stress of the personal injury process.

    What to Do If You Are Looking for a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    We know that you have many choices when it comes to personal injury lawyers, and it can be hard to decide which law firm to choose. There are a few questions you could ask when making that choice for your family’s case in order to get the best representation possible.


    • Does this law firm have experience handling nursing home abuse cases?
    • What is their track record in my state?
    • Do they work on a contingency fee basis?
    • What do their online reviews tell me about their professionalism?
    • How easy was it for me to book a free consultation?

    By considering these six items, among others, you can try and ensure that your family’s rights are protected. Victims of nursing home abuse deserve to have their pain and suffering compensated for by those responsible.

    You want to choose a legal team that is communicative, professional, and compassionate, along with having a good reputation and a successful case history. While each case varies, the standard of care provided by your lawyer and his or her colleagues shouldn’t. Considering your choice of lawyers carefully can help you be satisfied with the process and the outcome.

    How Phillips Law Group Can Help

    At Phillips Law Group, one of Arizona’s largest consumer law firms, we are proud of our legacy. With decades of experience practicing law, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality legal services.

    Our founding partner, Jeffrey Phillips, has received the distinction of being one of the “Best Attorneys in America,” in addition to being invited to be in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers list from the National Trial Lawyers Association. Many of our injury attorneys are also active members of the Arizona Association for Justice.

    Our nursing home abuse lawyers know that each victim of abuse and their families are struggling and in need to help to recover. We want to be there for each and every one of our clients to help them through this difficult time, and we can help you and your family as well. The achievement of getting started is only one phone call away.

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