Phillips Law Group Recognizes Suicide Awareness Week with Y.A.N.A. Mental Health Campaign

From September 10th to September 16th, Phillips Law Group recognizes Suicide Awareness Week by committing to a suicide prevention mental health campaign called You Are Not Alone (Y.A.N.A.) The Y.A.N.A. mental health campaign aims to raise awareness, provide support for staff members, and foster a sense of community among our team. 

As part of the campaign, all Phillips Law Group staff members have been given mental health resources including the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline hotline and website and a private link to reach out for support or share thoughts anonymously for whoever may need it. 

Part of the goal of the Y.A.N.A. mental health campaign and recognition of Suicide Awareness Week is to help break the stigma surrounding mental health and to encourage open conversations about how it’s okay to not be okay. As the 988 website notes, “Evidence shows that providing support services, talking about suicide, reducing access to means of self-harm, and following up with loved ones are just some of the actions we can all take to help others.”

At Phillips Law Group, we understand that mental health challenges can touch anyone at any time, and we firmly believe that the well-being of our team is a fundamental part of our strength as a firm. We also want to honor those who have lost their lives due to suicide and to support anyone who has been affected.

As part of Suicide Awareness Week at Phillips Law Group, the firm presented an informative webinar titled “How Do You Talk About Suicide” on September 14th. Presented by Gillian C. Galen, PsyD (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), the webinar “discusses how to talk with a loved one about suicide and some common myths and misconceptions that can interfere with effectively communicating with and supporting your loved one.”

Not only are we also planning to organize a remembrance and celebration event at our offices this week, but this campaign also kicks off a new objective to send out monthly emails to all employees, encouraging regular mental health check-ins throughout the year and not just during this important period of commemoration and awareness. 

Our firm is always looking to foster a supportive and empathetic workplace environment. This Y.A.N.A. mental health awareness campaign is just one way we hope to let our employees know they are not alone. We hope that by recognizing Suicide Awareness Week, Phillips Law Group can encourage a sense of community and support that will have an impact throughout our firm and beyond.