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Proving a crash was caused by defective tires can be very difficult to do, which is why you should seriously consider seeking help from a licensed attorney.

At Phillips Law Group, we are prepared to review your accident in a free consultation to determine if you may have a case and how we may be able to assist you. Our Avondale defective tire lawyers do not charge for providing representation unless we recover compensation.

Our firm has a proven history of recovering compensation for accident victims throughout Arizona, including a recovery of $1.16 million for someone injured in a tire blowout crash. Over more than 27 years, we have obtained more than $1 billion in total compensation. Founder Jeffrey Phillips has obtained verdicts in several Arizona counties and is a member of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association ”“ Top 25.

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Can I Pursue a Claim for Compensation?

This is a complicated question to answer because of how tough it can be to connect an accident to a defective tire or tire blowout. Phillips Law Group has the resources to build a robust case on your behalf and we could consult industry experts if necessary.

While each case is unique, generally our lawyers must apply one of two legal theories to a defective tire case: strict liability or negligence.

In a strict liability case, you must establish four things to have a chance of obtaining compensation for your medical expenses and other damages:

  • Tire was unreasonably dangerous due to a defect that resulted in injuries or damage to property
  • Tire was used as intended
  • Tire was not significantly changed from the condition in which it was originally sold
  • You are filing a claim against a designer, manufacturer or seller that is regularly in the business of selling tires

In a negligence case, you must prove the four elements of negligence were present during the crash:

Duty of Care Existed

The manufacturer or other liable party had a duty to produce a reasonably safe product that did not have an unreasonable risk of causing injury.

Duty of Care Was Breached

The liable party failed to take necessary steps to uphold the duty of care owed to the victim, such as using unsafe components to construct a tire.

Causal Link Between Breach and Injury

Your Avondale defective tire lawyer must establish there is a direct link between the actions of the at-fault party and the resulting injuries you suffered. That means your injuries would not have happened without the negligence of the at-fault party.

Existence of Damages

That means your injuries caused financial, physical and/or emotional damages. For example, you could accrue medical bills to treat injuries from the crash and lost wages for missed time at work.

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What is a Defective Tire Claim Worth?

Essentially, there are two types of damages available in a personal injury claim over a defective tire crash: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages refer to things like medical bills (past and future costs for treatment of your injuries) and lost wages. Victims may also be eligible to seek compensation for loss of earning capacity if their injuries hurt their ability to continue working in the same capacity as before your crash. Property damage costs may also be compensable in an injury claim.

Non-economic damages are the physical and psychological damages that occur after a serious accident, like depression, physical pain, emotional trauma, permanent disfigurement, lost companionship and lost enjoyment of life.

You can discuss the value of your potential case in a free consultation with a licensed Avondale defective tire lawyer. Our goal is to recover full compensation for your damages to help you recover from your injuries and other damages. We have seen how important compensation can be.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

We are prepared to take the necessary steps to investigate your accident and build a robust case on your behalf. This may include examining the tire with the help of industry experts, including broken cables or belts, inner lining, valve stem and separation in the tire wall.

We are prepared to handle insurance companies that may get involved in the process, including negotiating with them for fair compensation and protecting the full value of your claim. We are also ready to keep you informed about the progress of your claim and explain anything you can do to help us as we pursue full compensation.

Those who hire attorneys often recover more compensation than those who do not, so call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we may be able to assist you.

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What is the Deadline for Taking Legal Action?

Generally, you have two years from the date of the crash to file a claim for compensation. If you miss the deadline, you may lose your right to pursue compensation for your damages. However, the deadline for your claim may be different, either shorter or longer, which is why you should strongly consider discussing your claim with an attorney as soon as possible. The clock is likely already running and our attorneys need time to build a strong case.

Why Tires Often Fail

There are numerous reasons why a tire may fail or blowout while a car is on the road and moving, from tread separation and underinflation to bead fractures, punctures and over-inflation. Sometimes these causes are the fault of the manufacturer or another liable party. This is something you should discuss with a licensed Avondale defective tire lawyer.

What Should I Do if a Tire Fails?

Avoid slamming on the brakes ”“ it is best to slowly apply the brakes. If you slam on the brakes, you are much more likely to lose control of your vehicle and potentially crash into another vehicle or veer off the road.

Grab the top of the steering wheel to try to keep the vehicle steady and going straight. Hit your hazard lights to alert others around you to help prevent an accident. When it is safe, try to move over and off the road, slowly applying the brakes until your vehicle stops moving.

If it is safe to do so, take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the tire. If you or anyone else in the vehicle suffered an injury, seek medical attention and follow the doctor’s orders.

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