Common Industries with High Risk for Mesothelioma

construction and dock workerExposure to asbestos has caused many workers to contract fatal mesothelioma, sometimes even years after exposure. The harmful mineral was widely used up until the mid-1970’s as a fire-retardant insulation and still poses a high risk to industry workers who were directly exposed to it.

Workers were exposed to asbestos as it floated around in the air as small particles in construction and building sites. Those who worked frequently around asbestos have a greater chance of contracting mesothelioma. The following industries pose the highest risk:

  • Military:Asbestos was used as insulation in military ships, planes, tanks and barracks. Many military personnel were exposed to the dangerous substance.
  • Shipbuilders:Pipes on ships were commonly insulated with asbestos up until the mid-1970s. Those working directly with asbestos often trimmed or sanded the mineral down to fit a pipe. This practice released asbestos particles into the air and indirectly exposed other workers on the jobsite.
  • Construction: Asbestos was used in industrial, commercial and residential jobsites to insulate the structure. Any tradesperson on the job could have been exposed to asbestos particles, including heavy machinery operators working nearby.
  • Firefighters: Firefighters can be exposed to asbestos as they enter older buildings still lined with the mineral. Fire can release the particles into the air and firefighters not wearing the proper safety gear, such as a gas mask, can be exposed.

Those who have worked directly with asbestos may have indirectly caused other people to be exposed to the mineral as well. Asbestos can attach to clothing and be carried around unknowingly by an unassuming individual.

If you have been exposed to asbestos through your job or work environment, you may be entitled to compensation. The mesothelioma attorneys at Phillips Law Group will fight to maximize compensation on your behalf.

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