U.S. Traffic Fatalities on the Rise

traffic-fatalities-from-car-crashFor almost fifteen years, the estimated number of fatal car accidents on our nation’s highways has been in a slow-but-steady decline.

However, an announcement made last week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that deadly traffic accidents are on the rise once again.

The latest estimates for 2015 showed a nine percent increase in traffic-related deaths, which amounted to more than 26,000 victims.

This staggering increase is primarily attributed to unsafe driving behavior, including driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, becoming distracted by texting while behind the wheel, or exceeding the speed limit.

In some cases, failure to correctly use safety restraints, like seat belts or car seats for children, also contributed to the increase in traffic fatalities.

NHTSA Holds Roadway Safety Conferences

In light of this information, a series of conferences, or regional summits, is being held across the United States, before culminating in Washington, D.C.

The summits will focus on examining the causes of unsafe driving behavior and poor decision-making by motorists.

Most importantly, the summits will focus on new and different ways to approach unsafe driving prevention, including ways to limit the risks posed to other road users, such as pedestrians or cyclists.

Because 94 percent of all traffic deaths are caused by human error, NHTSA officials are also considering implementing educational programs and safe driving incentives in an effort to reduce roadway fatalities.

When drivers get careless or do not familiarize themselves with the rules of the road, potentially fatal car accidents are likely to occur. Drivers in Arizona are responsible for operating their vehicle safely, and when they fail to uphold that responsibility, it is your right to seek compensation.

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