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person texting while drivingEach day in the U.S., approximately nine people are killed and 1,153 injured in auto accidents caused by distracted driving. However, motorists can avoid dangerous behaviors like distracted driving by remaining attentive and focused on the roadway.

The Phillips Law Group’s dedicated auto accident attorneys in Phoenix have handled numerous claims involving victims who were injured by a distracted driver. We understand what it takes to represent this type of claim to help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Below, our Phoenix personal injury attorneys discuss several methods motorists can use to keep from becoming distracted while driving:

1. Turn off Your Cellphone

One of the leading causes of distracted driving is cellphone use. To ensure you are focused on the roadway, turn off your cellphone while driving.

Additionally, you should keep your cellphone out of reach while driving. This will prevent the temptation of responding to a text message or making a phone call.

Even if you are using a hands-free device, your cellphone can still be distracting, pulling your attention away from the roadway.

2. Do Not Drive While Drowsy or Tired

In many cases, drowsy driving causes the same effects as drunk driving and can be just as dangerous. Motorists are four times more likely to cause an accident when driving while sleep deprived than motorists who received seven to eight hours of sleep the night before, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

If you find yourself becoming drowsy while driving, you should find a place to rest immediately. Pull over to the side of the road and find a safe location to take a quick nap or get as much rest as you need before you continue driving.

3. Limit the Number of Passengers in Your Vehicle

Often, drivers can become distracted by passengers riding in their vehicle. This can include engaging in conversation with a passenger or losing focus on the roadway because of a passenger’s actions.

More passengers increase distraction and activity within a vehicle, pulling a driver’s attention from the task of driving. For this reason, you should limit the number of passengers allowed in your vehicle while driving.

4. Do Not Multi-Task While Driving

Another common cause of distraction while driving occurs when motorists attempt to multi-task while operating a vehicle.

However, there are several ways that motorists can avoid multi-tasking while driving. This includes:

  • Finishing your hair, makeup and dressing prior to leaving the house, not while on the road
  • Adjusting the radio, heating and cooling, GPS, mirrors, seats and other equipment or devices before setting out on the road
  • Setting aside the correct amount of money for toll booths before starting your trip
  • Making any necessary phone calls and sending text messages before hitting the road
  • Refraining from engaging in distracting conversations or activities while driving

5. Ask for Help

If there are passengers in your vehicle and you need something while driving, ask for their help rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Passengers can perform several tasks for you while driving that will prevent you from engaging in distractions. This includes adjusting the settings on your vehicle’s systems and devices, sending text messages or attending to other passengers’ needs.

6. Pull Over to Deal with Urgent Issues

If something comes up that requires your attention while driving, safely pull over to the side of the roadway before attending to the issue.

Furthermore, you should safely secure any pets and children before you start your trip. This may help to limit the number of distractions in your vehicle and prevent you from engaging too heavily with your passengers while driving.

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