Metcalf Elementary Teacher Facing Assault Charges

empty classroomMorenci, AZ: Three third-grade students from Metcalf Elementary were physically assaulted by their teacher, Mrs. Lundeen, on December 14, 2017. Two male students had their heads ”˜slammed’ into their desk; one student has visible bruises and a raised bump from the incident and was later taken to urgent care by his parents after complaining of headaches. The third student was dragged down the hallway by her sweater. It is unknown if she was otherwise injured.

According to the parents of one of the boys, after the school became aware of the incident the vice principal spoke with several other students in the classroom, all of them confirming the students’ version of events. The next day, Mrs. Lundeen went to the Morenci Unified School District office and resigned. Mrs. Lundeen is looking at three counts of aggravated assault on a minor, according to police.

Clifton Police are investigating the incident and once it is finished will turn their investigation over to the County Attorney’s Office. The students have returned to school, but not without struggle. The students were offered counseling by the school. One of the victim’s parents has turned to Phillips Law Group for support in this traumatic time.