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Businesses large and small are often involved in disputes, ranging from contract disputes to disagreements between shareholders. These disputes can tie up a business for months or even years, which is why it is important to have an experienced Lake Havasu business litigation attorney at your side to help you find a favorable resolution.

The attorneys at Phillips Law Group are prepared to provide business litigation representation throughout Mohave County and the rest of Arizona. We have represented small businesses and numerous Fortune 500 companies, such as Walgreens, Marriot, Home Depot and State Farm.

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Types of Business Litigation Cases We Handle

Our team of legal professionals are prepared to take on many business litigation cases, some of which may include:

  • Contract disputes ”“ When two or more parties agree to a contract and one or more of the parties fails to uphold their part of the deal, the situation can be difficult to resolve. These disputes could result in significant financial setbacks for businesses, particularly when a debt goes unpaid or a purchase agreement is not honored.
  • Shareholder disputes ”“ Sometimes shareholders have a disagreement with how the business is being run or with changes that have been enacted. It can be beneficial to have a third party, such as an experienced lawyer, review the situation from the outside.
  • Real estate disputes ”“ Disputes between landlords and tenants often occur for various reasons including damage to property, non-payment of rent or failure to make repairs.
  • Copyright/trademark disputes ”“ These are disputes about intellectual property, which may include disputes over copyright infringement, patents, trademarks and more. Companies and individuals can be held liable for inappropriately distributing, reproducing or displaying property that is legally owned by another individual or company.
  • Construction contract disputes ”“ There could be several different reasons for this type of dispute including exceeding the budget for a project, not finishing the work on time, failing to secure proper permits or failing to adhere to safety standards.
  • Franchise disputes ”“ These disputes can often be difficult to manage because the owner of the franchise may be in another state, which means both state and federal laws may come in to play. This is something our team of knowledgeable legal professionals may be able to assist with.

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Is a Verbal Contract Valid in Arizona?

Although Arizona law states that all legally-binding contracts must be in writing, there are some verbal agreements that may also be enforceable in court. In these types of cases, the law also states that the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, meaning that the person filing the complaint must somehow prove a verbal agreement existed with the defendant.

How Can Hiring a Lawyer Help with My Business Dispute?

Building a business litigation case often requires extensive research and knowledge of relevant laws.

Our experienced team of legal professionals has helped many Arizona businesses resolve disputes. We know the federal and state laws that may apply to your case and how to build a robust argument for your side. We also understand how we may be able to prove a verbal agreement should be enforced.

We know these disputes can go on for a while, so we have the resources to provide representation until a resolution can be reached.

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