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Contacting a licensed attorney after a workplace injury can be an important step in protecting your rights.

Our Flagstaff workers’ compensation lawyers understand this is a difficult time for you and your family, as you may unable to work and bills may be piling up. We have been fighting for injured workers for nearly three decades and have a proven record of obtaining benefits. Our attorneys obtained $834,000 for a worker with a broken shoulder and nerve damage, along with $750,000 for a worker with a fractured femur, blood clots and broken ribs.

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Is My Injury Covered by the Workers’ Compensation System?

This system covers injuries that occur in the course of your job, no matter who is at fault. Even if you were not working, you may still be eligible for benefits. For instance, maybe you were walking and slipped. If the injury happened on company property, you may be eligible for benefits.

If you were not on the work site, but doing a work-related task, you may also qualify. A common example of this is when an injury occurs while driving somewhere to handle something related to work.

Most workers in Arizona are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, including part-time workers and employees of the state.

If you are an independent contractor you might not be covered, but it is possible you were misclassified as an independent contractor. Your employer may have been trying to get out of providing workers’ compensation benefits.

There is a complex set of criteria (how the worker is paid, how much control the employer has over this person’s work, etc.) for determining when a worker is an employee and when he or she is a contractor. Since employers often misclassify workers, you should discuss your situation with our Flagstaff workers’ compensation lawyers.

We have extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation and employment laws on classifying workers.

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits That May be Available

If your injury qualifies, you can receive compensation for 100 percent of reasonable and necessary medical bills. It is important to note your employer has the right to choose the first physician you see to do the assessment of your injury. Once that visit is over, you have the right to choose another doctor to treat you.

There are different types of disability benefits depending on the severity of the injury and how long it is expected to last. These include:

  • Temporary Total Disability ”“ If your injury keeps you from working in any capacity for more than eight days, you may be eligible for these benefits. Temporary total disability amounts to 66 and two-thirds percent of your average monthly wage, up to the $3,000 limit, or $460 each week. If you have dependents, benefits are increased by $25 per month.
  • Permanent Total Disability ”“ If your total disability is expected to last the rest of your life, you may be eligible for these benefits. For example, a worker who suffers a spinal cord injury that results in quadriplegia may be eligible for these benefits. If you are awarded these benefits, they are generally paid out for the rest of your life. They are worth 66 and two-thirds percent of your average monthly pay, just like temporary disability benefits.
  • Permanent Partial Disability ”“ If you have a permanent injury but can still do some amount of work, you may be eligible for these benefits. These might apply if a worker suffers a back injury that limits some of his or her work activities. The benefit rate is the same as temporary total and permanent total disability.
  • Death Benefits ”“ If your spouse died in a work accident, you may be eligible for up to $5,000 in burial costs, along with permanent total disability benefits. Children who were dependent on the worker may also be eligible for compensation.

What is the Deadline for Filing a Work Injury Claim?

Arizona law gives work injury victims a one-year deadline for filing a claim. If you miss the deadline, you may lose the right to pursue workers’ compensation, so it is important to start your claim as soon as possible.

Your employer has reporting requirements for injuries. In most cases, employers must report it within 10 days to the Industrial Commission of Arizona. If the injury was fatal, employers have just eight hours from the time of the incident to report it to the Arizona Division of Occupations Safety and Health (ADOSH). In cases of hospitalization, loss of an eye or an amputation injury, employers must report it to ADOSH within one day.

If you have questions about the process of pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation. We are here to answer your legal questions and the consultation is free.

Steps to Take After a Work Injury

Seeking medical assistance is the most important thing after a work injury. You need your injuries to be diagnosed, treated and stabilized to help prevent them from getting worse. Make sure to inform the doctor that treats you that your injury happened at work.

The other important step to take is to notify your employer of your injury as soon as possible. This helps get the workers’ compensation process started. The sooner you start, the sooner you may be able to obtain benefits for medical bills and disability when you are unable to work.

Once you report your injury, your employer must provide you contact information so you can get in touch with the workers’ compensation insurance company.

Contacting a workers’ compensation attorney is an important next step to take. Unlike the workers’ compensation insurer and your employer, our Flagstaff workers’ compensation lawyers are committed to pursuing maximum compensation for your injuries. We can manage the process on your behalf, applying or extensive knowledge of state laws and regulations.

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Appealing if Your Claim is Denied

Sometimes, a claim that seems totally valid is denied. When this happens, you can file a protest with the Industrial Commission of Arizona to have a hearing. You must do so within 90 days of the date your claim was rejected, or you lose the right to appeal.

As this process can be complicated and stressful for workers, we recommend contact our attorneys about a denied claim. We may be able to guide you through the appeal. We have detailed knowledge of the process and what the industrial commission is looking for to overturn a denied claim and award benefits to an injured worker.

Contact a Flagstaff Workers’ Compensation Attorney

A work injury can be devastating to your health and your finances, which is why obtaining workers’ compensation benefits is so important.

If you are struggling to recover the benefits you need, you could benefit from having an experienced attorney on your side. The Flagstaff workers’ compensation lawyers at Phillips Law Group have an established history of recovering benefits for injured workers.

Our firm has obtained more than $1 billion in compensation over more than 25 years and our founder Jeffrey Phillips has obtained verdicts in several Arizona counties.

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