Tucson Boat Accident Lawyer

Tucson residents tend to enjoy the outdoor life, and that includes boating on the area lakes. Getting out on the water is a great way to relax and get a break from the heat.

Sadly, irresponsible boaters cause accidents that often cause severe injuries. A Tucson boat accident lawyer could help if you get into that situation. Our team could investigate the accident, identify the responsible parties, and demand they pay compensation to cover your losses. Trust in a local personal injury attorney from the Phillips Law Group today.

Severe Injuries Can Result From Boating Mishaps

Riding in a motorboat or sailboat is often not smooth sailing. Motorboats provide a bumpy ride, and sailboats can sway and tip in the right conditions. Passengers might fall and hurt themselves, or equipment and any other loose items can move around the deck and cause an injury. On a sailboat, the boom can knock a person down or sweep them overboard.

Boat collisions can lead to soft tissue injuries, cuts, broken bones, burns, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Fatal injuries can occur from drowning and from boat fires and explosions.

The impact of an injury sustained on a boat can be amplified because in most cases, help is not available immediately. If the boat is damaged, an injured person might have to wait for assistance to arrive. Even if the boat is operable, getting an injured person to shore and then to a hospital takes time, delaying treatment and perhaps worsening the injury. A Tucson attorney could review the details of a boating accident to determine who is at fault and carefully consider the full extent of injuries and losses to ensure any settlement amounts provide appropriate compensation. If negotiations with insurance companies are not fruitful, our team is not afraid to take matters to court to advocate for the maximum compensation available.

How Negligence Causes Boat Accidents

Inexperienced, incompetent, or intoxicated operators cause most boating accidents. Law enforcement agencies sometimes are on the scene at boat accidents and issue a citation to an operator. The ticket is evidence that the operator was negligent, meaning they did not exercise the degree of caution that a reasonably prudent person would have in the same circumstances.

However, many mishaps on the water happen outside the view of law enforcement. In that case, a Tucson watercraft attorney must rely on witness statements, accident reports, photographs of the incident, and damage to the vessels to understand what happened. In some cases, a legal professional hires a marine accident reconstruction expert to explain how an incident occurred and who is responsible for it.

Negligent operators are liable to anyone injured in a boat accident, but others also might have responsibility. If the operator leased the boat, the rental agency might be liable. The marina housing the boat could be liable in some instances, depending on whether maintenance was an issue. The manufacturer of the boat or its components might have responsibility if a mechanical failure contributed to the incident.

Pursuing a Claim in Boat Accident Cases

Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542 allows an injured person two years from the date of an accident to bring a lawsuit. However, a person injured in a boating accident should not delay in seeking compensation for their injuries.

Boat accident claims can be more challenging than other accident claims. Evidence from boat accidents disappears quickly, so engaging a Tucson attorney immediately is essential. They can contact anyone who might have possession of valuable evidence or information and ensure it is properly preserved.

Additionally, anyone in a boat accident should obtain medical attention as quickly as possible. Injuries may not be apparent immediately, but a doctor knows how to screen for skeletal, soft tissue, head, and internal injuries that might “hide” for a few hours or even days. In addition, the medical record generated soon after the accident establishes that the injuries are related to the incident.

Pursue Compensation for Boat Accident Injuries With a Tucson Attorney

When you are injured on a boat and the accident was someone else’s fault, you deserve compensation for your damages. You can hold negligent parties accountable by working with a Tucson boat accident lawyer.

You could receive reimbursement for your out-of-pocket losses plus compensation for your pain and suffering, but acting quickly is critical. Discuss your situation with an experienced local attorney from the Phillips Law Group today.