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When accidents happen, people rely on personal insurance policies to recover damages. Unfortunately, many providers work to benefit the insurance company, rather than in the best interests of its clients.

If your insurance company denied your claim without reasonable cause, or engaged in unfair practices to diminish your payout, you may be able to pursue a case against your insurer for unfair practices.

At Phillips Law Group, we understand the tactics insurance companies use. We have been advocating for our clients and winning millions in settlements against these big corporations for decades. This is one reason why we recommend contacting one of our experienced Tucson personal insurance attorneys to review your claim in a completely free legal consultation.

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Am I Eligible to File a Case?

It is difficult to determine if you are eligible to file a case without knowing the specifics of your situation. Generally, to determine whether the insurance company was acting in bad faith, we may consider the following aspects:

  • Why were you were denied coverage?
  • Did the insurer unnecessarily delay payment?
  • Why was the proposed settlement valued at much less than the claim is worth?
  • Was there a reasonable investigation?
  • Did the insurance company fail to disclose important policy information?
  • Did the insurance company put their profits over your valid claim?

During your free consultation, we will review the specifics of your claim denial and determine if bad faith tactics were involved in the insurance company’s decision.

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Insurance Disputes We Handle at Phillips Law Group

At Phillips Law Group, our experienced personal insurance attorneys are prepared to handle the following insurance claim disputes:

Car Insurance

Drivers in Arizona must carry at least the state’s minimum policy requirements for auto insurance coverage. These limits help to ensure that a percentage of medical costs or property damage is covered in the case of an auto accident.

Home/Rental Insurance

Damage to your property or interior of your house is covered by a homeowner’s or rental property insurance. This type of policy is designed to protect the contents inside your home from damages, stolen goods if there is a break-in, or when someone gets injured while on your property.

It is worth mentioning, that homeowners are often unaware that each insurance company may have its own policy limitations, so it is a good idea to review your policy periodically and clarify anything that you do not understand.

Life Insurance

In the event of your death, life insurance provides surviving family members or designated beneficiaries with a lump sum payment. These funds help to provide for your family’s loss of income, your funeral and burial costs, mortgage and any other expenses your family may incur after your death.

Health Insurance

Health insurance policies vary depending on the coverage purchased, but in general it is designed to cover a portion of any medical expenses you incur, including surgeries, laboratory tests and prescription medications.

Unfortunately, health insurance companies have a history of denying coverage for certain health procedures they consider to be cosmetic or experimental.

Catastrophe Insurance

To protect against potential natural disasters like floods, fires or earthquakes, a homeowner may decide to purchase catastrophe insurance.

Disability Insurance

If you become permanently or temporarily disabled and are unable to work, disability insurance provides for paid sick leave, as well as short-term and long-term disability benefits. It may even cover costs that are not included in your general health insurance, like physical therapy.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you have a chronic medical condition, disability or disorder, long-term care insurance may cover costs not offered by regular health insurance policies. This coverage could include providing services to those who are unable to perform daily tasks without the help of others, like bathing, walking, eating and dressing.

If you have any questions about an insurance policy claim, do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable Tucson personal insurance attorney to learn more. At Phillips Law Group, our phone lines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Reasons Insurance Claims are Typically Denied

Insurance providers are a business, so their first priority is ensuring its profitability. Unfortunately, this means a provider may claim the following to get out of paying:

  • Your situation is not covered by the policy
  • Your specific situation falls outside of the policy’s coverage or below the deductible
  • You have failed to pay your premiums on time
  • The policy insurance has lapsed due to not paying premiums or failing to pay on time
  • You are suffering from a preexisting condition, so your new injury is not covered
  • You failed to receive treatment at the time the injury occurred
  • You failed to notify the insurance company of the accident before the deadline

If you are having trouble with your insurance claim, we strongly recommend speaking to an attorney who has thorough knowledge and experience dealing with insurance companies. Our Tucson personal insurance attorneys are ready to assist you and answer your legal questions in a completely free review of your potential claim.

Bad Faith Tactics Used by Insurers

When you purchase an insurance policy, you expect to be covered in the event of an accident, and you generally trust that your provider will act in good faith if that coverage is needed. However, when an insurer uses unfair tactics to devalue your claim, you may feel you do not have any options. Fortunately, there are Arizona laws that prohibit insurance companies from engaging in bad faith tactics such as:

  • Refusing to pay claims without carrying out a thorough investigation of the incident
  • Misrepresenting important facts or insurance policy provisions pertaining to the coverages at issue
  • Failing to approve or deny coverage within a reasonable time
  • Failing to implement or adopt reasonable standards while investigating claims
  • Attempting to settle claims for less than what your situation is worth
  • Attempting to settle claims without consent or notice from the policy holder
  • Delaying payment or investigation

If you have been in an accident and believe that your insurance company is not abiding by Arizona law, it is important that you discuss your claim with a licensed attorney.

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Ways You Can Protect Your Insurance Claim

Each situation is unique, but there are actionable steps you can take to help protect your claim, including:

  • Review your policy and clarify any details you do not understand
  • Check filing deadlines required by your provider
  • Review what documents are required to file an insurance claim
  • Keep all records that pertain to your accident, such as medical records, doctor bills, property damage receipts and any other relevant documentation

Arizona gives insurance companies up to 30 days to investigate a claim and provide the claimant with all the necessary forms he or she will need to complete and submit as part of the filing process. Once these forms have been submitted, the insurance company typically has up to 15 days to either deny or offer a settlement.

It is important to keep track of the process and be proactive about obtaining medical care for the injuries you sustained. When you work with a lawyer from Phillips Law Group, we are prepared to help ensure your provider’s filing process operates in accordance with Arizona law.

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