Front-End Car Accidents in Tucson

Head-on collisions can be deadly. When someone is fortunate enough to survive, they often suffer significant injuries.

The at-fault driver is responsible for paying compensation to anyone injured in an accident. However, obtaining a settlement large enough to compensate for severe injuries requires a skilled attorney who is not afraid to take a case to court.

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Head-On Accidents Result in Severe Injuries

Front-end collisions often happen at high speed, which is one important reason why they are so dangerous. These accidents could occur when a driver is speeding and loses control of their vehicle after a vehicle hits an obstruction and is propelled into oncoming traffic, or when a driver is traveling the wrong way on a road or highway. Front-end collisions also occur sometimes in parking lots.

Although the front ends of cars and trucks offer significant protection to the driver and other occupants, if the vehicles are traveling fast, a collision could pancake a front end. Even when the vehicles are traveling slowly, the force of the collision could cause severe injuries. A Tucson attorney can represent someone suffering from:

When someone sustains a severe injury in an accident, the insurance company for the responsible party is often proactive. Its representative might approach an injured person or their family while they are still in the hospital and try to convince them to accept a quick cash settlement. The best strategy in this situation is to refuse to speak with the representative and instead direct them to speak with your Tucson front-end accident attorney.

Identifying Responsible Parties and Proving Liability

Arizona holds the at-fault driver in a car accident responsible for the losses others experience in the crash. When a driver in a head-on collision is arrested or receives a ticket, the citation is evidence of negligence. If both involved drivers or neither receives a ticket, their insurance companies typically negotiate to determine how much responsibility each driver had for the accident.

Sometimes someone other than the two drivers involved in the front-end accident is at least partially responsible. For example, a collision with a third vehicle might have forced a car into another lane and caused a head-on collision. If the at-fault driver was drunk, Arizona Statute §4-311 allows an injured person to sue a bar, restaurant, or other host if they served an intoxicated person and that person then caused an injury to someone else.

A Tucson attorney can investigate to discover all the parties whose negligence or misconduct might have contributed to a head-on crash. Asserting claims against multiple parties could help ensure an injured person receives appropriate compensation.

Compensation Available After a Front-End Collision

The compensation, or damages, an injured person is entitled to receive after a head-on collision in Tucson could be substantial. An injured person could receive reimbursement for all their injury-related losses and expenses, plus money to compensate for the impact the accident had on their quality of life. The latter includes compensation for emotional trauma, disability, disfigurement, physical pain, loss of companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life.

When an accident causes a permanent disability, the negligent party must pay for the injured person’s continuing medical treatment, rehabilitation, and any necessary care for as long as they need it. Damages could cover renovations to make a home wheelchair friendly, buy an adapted vehicle, and hire household help to do the tasks the injured person can no longer perform.

When the at-fault driver’s conduct was especially dangerous — for example, they were driving drunk or at very high speeds — the injured person might claim punitive damages. These are only available when a claim is heard in court and most accident cases are settled before a trial. However, our attorneys can litigate a front-end accident to ensure the injured person receives a settlement that provides adequate compensation for their injuries.

Contact a Tucson Attorney After a Front-End Accident

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