Prescott Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Becoming paralyzed under any circumstances is invariably a life-changing experience, no matter what areas of the body are affected or what your long-term prospects for recovery are. When an injury this severe happens solely because of another person’s misconduct, the experience can be equal parts upsetting and infuriating — and more importantly, you may have grounds to demand civil compensation from the person who caused you such immense harm.

Money alone cannot completely erase the effects of a paralyzing injury, but pursuing a fair settlement or court award with a skilled catastrophic injury attorney’s help can still be key to preserving your future quality of life as much as possible. If you have sustained a temporary or permanent loss of bodily function in an accident that was not your fault, you should reach out to a Prescott paralysis injury lawyer from Phillips Law Group as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

What Types of Accidents Can Lead to Paralysis?

When paralysis — the medical term for a loss of sensory and/or motor function in one or more areas of the body — occurs as a result of a traumatic accident, it usually stems more specifically from damage to the spinal cord or the brain, and occasionally from damage to specific parts of the central nervous system. Damage to the spinal cord may cause paraplegia of the lower limbs or quadriplegia of the whole body below the neck, depending on where along the spine the injury actually occurs. Brain and nerve injuries may also cause those types of paralysis or more unique forms like hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body) or monoplegia (paralysis of just one limb).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, motor vehicle accidents including car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle wrecks are a particularly common cause of paralyzing injuries, as are accidental falls, workplace accidents, and sports injuries.

Regardless of exactly how an injury of this nature occurred, a Prescott paralysis accident attorney can provide crucial assistance with collecting evidence, building a strong civil claim, and establishing to a court’s satisfaction that a specific “negligent” act by another person was the main and direct cause of the injury.

Importance of Accounting for Long-Term Losses

Usually, the purpose of a personal injury claim is to restore the injured person to their pre-accident condition by compensating them for all “economic” and “non-economic” losses they have sustained directly due to their accident. However, since this is often not possible with paralyzing injuries, paralysis accident lawsuits often must focus more on expected future losses which have not yet fully manifested by the time the legal process begins.

In addition to long-term rehabilitative and maintenance treatment, a case like this can and usually should account for things like lost working and earning capacity, costs of things like wheelchairs and home/vehicle modifications to allow for increased mobility, and various forms of physical and psychological suffering. A dedicated lawyer can help with both identifying “compensable losses” along these lines and demanding a fair amount of restitution for them during a paralysis injury case in Prescott.

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Sustaining a permanent injury that leaves you unable to move around as freely as you once could is traumatic on physical, emotional, and financial levels, especially if you were hurt through someone else’s negligence. In a situation like this, it is important to remember that you have a right under Arizona civil law to seek financial recovery for the harm done to you and that you have help available from dedicated legal professionals when it comes to enforcing that right.

A conversation with a Prescott paralysis injury lawyer can offer answers to important questions and provide confidence about what you should do to demand the restitution you deserve. Call Phillips Law Group to speak with one of our team members about a possible claim.

Unlike other personal injury firms that focus solely on insurance settlements, our team is not afraid to take matters to court to maximize your potential compensation. Consider reaching out to our firm to learn more during a free, no-obligation initial consultation today! Give us a call to find out more about your legal options now.