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Small businesses and large corporations are often involved in a variety of disputes over contracts and other agreements covering issues like shareholder rights, franchise rights, construction projects, and problems between landlords and tenants.

When these disputes arise, it is important to have trusted legal representation to help protect the best interests of your business. The Prescott business litigation lawyers at Phillips Law Group provide legal help for businesses of varying sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. We represent clients throughout Yavapai County and the rest of Arizona.

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Types of Business Litigation

There are a variety of business litigation services our attorneys provide. If you are involved in a business dispute, you can contact us anytime to find out if we may be able to assist you.

Breach of Contract

A lot of business disputes involve one party disagreeing with the terms of a binding contract. This party may simply stop following the terms of the agreement. The dispute arises when the other party attempts to enforce what is written in the contract.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders often have disagreements about the running of a corporation or financial issues that have come up. It can be helpful to work with an attorney who can offer objective advice on the situation.

Franchise Disputes

These issues may be governed by state as well as federal franchise laws. The franchise in question may be run by a third party contracted with by the owner of the franchise. These situations can be very complicated, which is why having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side can be so important.

Construction Disputes

A common example is when a contractor does not receive payment for work. Developers may also have disagreements about the price of work. There can also be delays in construction projects when permits are not obtained.

Trademark or Copyright Disputes

This involves claims that someone copied intellectual or branded property without receiving consent from the owner of the property.

Disagreements Between Landlords and Tenants

Tenants may have disputes about poor upkeep of the property or lack of repairs. Property owners often have disputes over failure of the tenant to pay rent. However, there can be many other disputes that arise between these two parties.

Our Prescott business litigation lawyers understand emotions can run high in these disputes. We also know you want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to keep business running smoothly.

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What if the Contract Was Verbal?

Arizona law says contracts are not enforceable unless they were in writing. However, sometimes verbal contracts or those based on handshakes are still enforceable. The burden of proof in these situations is on the party attempting to enforce the contract.

Benefits of Working with a Business Litigation Attorney

Business litigation cases can be very complicated and involve numerous laws and other factors. Those who pursue these cases often do not know about all the laws that may be involved and how to build a robust argument for their side.

If you hire an attorney from our firm, we are prepared to manage the process on your behalf, keep you informed throughout the process, and explain the tactics the other side may use against you.

Our firm has the resources and experience to manage a case for as long as it takes to be resolved ”“ sometimes these cases take years to reach a resolution.

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