Phoenix, AZ SSDI Appeals Lawyer

As unfortunate as it seems, there are people in Arizona who are disabled and unable to work to the point where they would be considered gainfully employed. These disabilities can be physical or mental, and the federal government has programs to help those in this position so they can avoid suffering unnecessarily and/or becoming a burden on others. This program is known as Social Security Disability, or SSD. Those who successfully apply for the program obtain monthly benefits from the Social Security Administration, or SSA, but for many reasons those who need this type of help also need assistance from Phoenix social security disability lawyers. Below is one aspect of this process where help is needed, which is known as the appeals process.

Arizona Social Security Disability and SSI Appeals

People who need financial help from the SSA in the form of SSD begin their efforts of obtaining them by filing an application with the local SSA office. Statistics show that nationwide, approximately two-thirds of these initial requests for benefits are denied by the SSA for different reasons. When an applicant is denied benefits, he or she has a few weeks at most to request an appeal, which is also known as a request for reconsideration of benefits. Failure to request this appeal in a timely fashion results in the applicant having to start this process over from the beginning.

If an appeal is requested, a hearing is held at the local SSA office in front of what’s known as an Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ. An ALJ is typically an employee of the SSA, and his or her job is to receive evidence and hear arguments at this hearing that introduce the applicant’s situation on a more thorough level. Documentation can be offered as well as testimony, and the usual rules of evidence that apply in a courtroom are somewhat relaxed so that the ALJ can analyze all of the relevant evidence in a particular file. After the hearing, the ALJ will issue a decision regarding whether or not benefits should be paid to the applicant.

Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorneys Can Help

Even though the technicalities that govern a courtroom are relaxed in these hearings, the bottom line remains that these hearings are much like trials, and the opportunity for the applicant to obtain much-needed financial help is on the line. Therefore, those who find themselves in this position need to take every step possible to give themselves the best opportunity to win this appeal and to start receiving these payments.

One step towards doing so would be to seek the help of Phoenix SSD attorneys who understand how to organize and present relevant evidence and who can make persuasive arguments for the applicant. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer at our firm as you work towards finding the security you need.

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