Phoenix, AZ Motorcycle Safety Classes

There can be many reasons why riders decide to get their licence endorsement – the freedom of the open road, the adrenalin rush you get each time the engine roars, or simply just because they want the option of taking out a bike whenever the mood strikes.

With a recent study released by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention stating that over 34,000 motorcyclists were killed between 2001 and 2008, it’s worth noting that motorcycle accidents are on the rise nationwide and a constant source of concern for the families and loved ones of rider’s everywhere.

Knowing how to handle a motor bike in various situations is an important skill for all motorcyclists – regardless of their experience level – and motorcycle safety schools are a great place to help fine-tune those skills for most riders.

Not only can completing a motorcycle safety class offer riders reduced insurance premiums, but it can also equip motorcyclists with the ability to avoid a Phoenix motorcycle accident.

To find Arizona motorcycle safety courses near you, contact any of the following organizations for more information:

T.E.A.M. Arizona
East Maricopa County,

(480) 998-9888

Pima Community College
Pima County

(520) 206-3981

T.E.A.M. Arizona
Pima County, in

(520) 733-9888

Motovation Inc.
Mohave Countywww.motovationlv.com1-866-668-6462

T.E.A.M. Arizona

West Maricopa, Glendale

(623) 939-9888


RideSmart Motorcycle Training, Inc.

Maricopa County, Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area

(623) 877-5425

Motorcycle Rider Training

(623) 979-1839

Vehicle Safety Institute

(928) 376-7489

Types Of Rider Courses

Most rider training facilities throughout Arizona offer various training courses, that have been created with both beginner and experienced motorcyclists in mind.

Some of these can include (but are not limited to):

Basic Rider Course – geared towards beginners, basic rider courses generally teach students the basics of operating a motorcycle, which often include both classroom and practical (on the motorcycle) training.

Included in many of these styles of courses are:

  • learning about the types of protective equipment that are available for riders
  • general motorbike inspection procedures
  • how to start a bike
  • how to stop a bike
  • basic maneuvering skills
  • riding in different environments

These styles of courses are a great way to getting introduced into the motorcycle-safety mindset.

Experienced Rider Course – an experienced rider course will often help to sharpen the skills of experienced riders, while also allowing them to be surrounded by fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

In most advanced-type classes, you will often need to use your own motorcycle and safety gear for the practical training session, where you will generally learn:

  • new riding techniques that you can apply to your specific motorbike
  • the latest riding trends
  • motorcycle engineering and design advancements
  • the latest safety equipment information
  • specific, environment-based situations that riders may encounter

It’s important to note that you will need to inform your insurance company about your intentions to use your own bike for these types of classes. Quite often, insurance companies offer reduced insurance premiums for riders that have completed rider safety courses.

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