Care Needed After a TBI in Phoenix, AZ

When someone is injured in an Arizona car accident and they suffer a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, that person can face a long and difficult struggle towards recovery. In many cases, a full recovery is simply not possible, as some damage to the brain is irreversible. However, all who suffer from traumatic brain injuries will need extensive medical care, and below is a brief overview of what the care for someone with a traumatic brain injury after a car accident could entail. If this has happened to you or someone you love, seek the help of Phoenix personal injury attorneys as soon as possible.

Immediate Medical Care for Traumatic Brain Injuries

When someone arrives at the hospital for treatment of a traumatic brain injury, there are initial steps that are taken that are quite common. For instance, the first step that’s taken involves evaluating the injury. This is often done by way of MRI scans and CT scans that allow medical professionals to review the specific injury and damage that’s been done. Based on those results, doctors will decide the following:

  • Which portion of the brain has been damaged
  • Whether surgery on that injury is an option depending on the location of that injury
  • Whether the traumatic brain injury is reversible or permanent

Based on those decisions, medical professionals will proceed accordingly. Although in most situations surgery would be seen as a negative, it could actually be a positive with traumatic brain injuries because it indicates that the damage can be either repaired or minimized. When an injury is not operable, it’s often because the damage has been done to a portion of the brain that cannot safely be reached by surgeons.

Long-Term Medical Care for Traumatic Brain Injuries

After the initial medical steps have been taken, the patient then begins the difficult process of fighting towards as much of a recovery as possible. This usually involves physical therapy of some sort so that patients can relearn basic life skills that most of us take for granted. In addition, this rehabilitation could be necessary so that patients and those who will be caring for the patient in the future can learn how to manage certain situations and how to recognize limitations that could be permanent.

In short, the care required for someone with a traumatic brain injury that was suffered in a car accident is extensive, stressful, painful and exorbitantly expensive. If you or someone you love is in this position, contact the Phoenix traumatic brain injury lawyers at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.