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Mesothelioma is a life ending medical condition that is caused by exposure to asbestos fibers. When inhaled, some of these fibers are embedded into the lining of the lungs, which cause the cells to swell. The resulting damage from the swelling leads to the development of tumors. Many victims are unaware of the dangers of these asbestos fibers and by the time the condition is identified, most victims are given less than 12 months to live.

Are you or someone that you love a victim of mesothelioma?

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How Do I Know If I Have A Mesothelioma Case?

As mesothelioma is a very specific type of medical condition, those that are diagnosed with this condition are likely to have grounds to file a lawsuit.

However, as every case is unique, we recommend contacting a Mesothelioma lawyer at our firm to review the details of your claim.

What Is My Mesothelioma Case Worth?

In Arizona, there are no damage caps or financial limits to wrongful death claims.

When attempting to recover compensation, there are a number of mesothelioma trust funds that a victim may be eligible to receive compensation from. These trusts were created by companies via Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which permitted them to continue doing business while they were paying off debt. The trusts are commonly managed by trustees, who are responsible for determining how much compensation is paid to those claiming against them.

To be eligible, victims must provide proof that they have sustained an asbestos-related injury and may be required to meet certain medical criteria. It’s important to note that plaintiffs are unable to sue companies that have already gone bankrupt without having reorganized under the U.S bankruptcy code.

There is also a statute of limitations, which determines how much time victims and their families have to file a lawsuit.

For mesothelioma claims, there is a two-year limit to submit your lawsuit. However, there may be specific circumstances for your claim that may shorten – or extend – this deadline. If you believe you have a mesothelioma claim, we encourage you to contact a mesothelioma lawyer at our law firm for a free assessment of your claim.

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Are There Different Types Of Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that can occur in a thin layer of tissue that covers many of the organs in the body. Most commonly, the asbestos fibers are embedded into the lining of the lungs however, other instances can be found in the tissue surrounding the abdomen, around the testicles (in males) and the heart.

There are four, primary types of mesothelioma, which are defined by the location of the tumor.

  • Pleural Mesothelioma:The most common form of mesothelioma, which has the tumor forming in the chest of the victim. Approximately 70% of mesothelioma cases have this type of condition. Fatality rates for Pleural Mesothelioma are quite high however, life expectancy can be extended if the cancer is detected early. Individuals with Stage 1 cancer have an approximate life expectancy of 3 years or more, compared to 12 months for those that are at Stage 4.
  • Peritoneal Mesothelioma:This form of mesothelioma is where the tumor forms in the lining of the abdomen. Up to 20% of mesothelioma cases have this type of condition. With surgery and heat chemotherapy treatment, the life expectancy for victims with this type of mesothelioma is at least five years.
  • Pericardial Mesothelioma:Involves tumors forming in the lining of the heart. This condition is quite rare, with approximately 200 cases having been reported. Patients that have undergone successful surgery have lived for many years beyond the life expectancy rate of this form of mesothelioma, which can range from six weeks to just over a year.
  • Testicular Mesothelioma:Is another rare type of mesothelioma, with medical documentation having less than 100 reported cases. Treatment options include surgery and chemotherapy, with a life expectancy rate of approximately two years.

While treatments are available, in most instances mesothelioma is incurable.

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What Are the Symptoms Of Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is generally known as being an illness that takes a long time to develop. In many victims, symptoms may not appear until more than 20 years after the initial exposure.

As fatigue, weight loss and chest pains do not start to appear until the tumors are pressing against nerves, victims that are experiencing these issues are often at a Stage 3 to 4 level of the disease.

However, some victims may experience a shortness of breath which can be caused by a fluid being produced by the lungs in the early stages of the condition. If so, early detection may provide an opportunity to begin treatment before the cancer spreads.

Some other symptoms of mesothelioma may include:

  • Pain in the chest
  • Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Fluid around the lungs
  • Blood clots
  • Dry cough
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Issues with balance

It’s important to note that as these symptoms are similar to many other physical ailments, it’s important to discuss any concerns that you may have with your preferred physician.

Occupations That Have A High Risk of Asbestos Exposure

There are a number of ways that an individual may be exposed to mesothelioma, including:

  • Occupational Exposure:This is often the most common cause of exposure. As most workers are exposed to the asbestos fibers repeatedly over many hours a day, the possibility of inhaling the asbestos fibers is significant.
  • Secondhand Exposure:When workers are exposed to the asbestos fibers, their clothing is also exposed. When they arrive home, workers may bring those fibers into their residence, which can then expose family members and other individuals to those fibers. An example may be when a husband comes home after installing asbestos-laden insulation, and he hugs his wife without having changed his clothes. That physical connection may result in the transferal of the fibers which the wife may later inhale. Another example may be when a person is washing clothes that have the asbestos fibers on them. As the clothes are loaded into the washing machine, the fibers may become airborne, leading to the possibility that they may be inhaled. Secondhand exposure is also known as “secondary asbestos exposure”, “household exposure”, “domestic exposure”, “take-home exposure”, and “indirect exposure”.
  • Environmental Exposure:This tends to occur when people come into contact with asbestos in a natural setting – an example would be workers that are exposed while at an asbestos mine or perhaps, at a manufacturing facility that processes asbestos.

Some industries that have proven to have asbestos high exposure rates to workers, including:

  • Asbestos mining
  • Auto repair
  • Chemical plants
  • Construction (carpenters, drywallers, painters, tilers)
  • Demolition
  • Fire fighting
  • Oil refineries
  • Paper Mills
  • Printing factories
  • Roofing
  • Ship building
  • Steel manufacturing

If you were a worker in these types of industries and have developed symptoms that appear consistent with those associated with mesothelioma, you may like to contact your physician immediately.

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