Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Yuma

When a driver under the influence of alcohol gets behind the wheel and causes an accident, the results can be disastrous. Victims could die or suffer catastrophic injuries that affect them for the rest of their lives.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in an accident caused by an alcohol-impaired driver, contacting an experienced Yuma DUI accident lawyer is an important step on your road to recovery.

Over the past 27 years, Phillips Law Group has helped many car accident victims recover fair compensation for damages, including a $4 million recovery for a crash victim who suffered a spinal cord injury. Partner Jeffrey Phillips is a Top 25 Member of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association and has obtained verdicts in several Arizona counties.

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Am I Eligible to Pursue Compensation?

To be eligible to pursue compensation, your attorney must be able to prove the four elements of negligence were involved in your DUI accident. The four elements of negligence are:

  • Duty of care: The at-fault driver owed a legal duty of care to take reasonable measures to prevent harm to you and others.
  • Breached duty: The at-fault party did not uphold the duty of care he or she owed to you and failed to take reasonable measures to prevent harm. Driving with an illegal blood alcohol level can be considered negligence.
  • Breach of duty caused your injuries: The at-fault party’s breached duty of care is directly linked as the cause of your injuries.
  • Damages: Your injury, which resulted from the at-fault party’s breached duty of care created damages ”“ such as your medical bills or lost wages from missing work.

If the at-fault driver was out drinking at a bar or restaurant, you may have a claim against that establishment. This is covered in Arizona’s Dram Shop Law. This is one of the factors our attorneys may review with you in a free legal consultation.

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What Is the Value of My DUI Accident Claim?

DUI accidents can result in a wide variety of injury types that range in severity. These injuries can create numerous damages, including:

Economic Damages

The out-of-pocket costs for treating your injuries and other out-of-pocket costs may be compensable in a personal injury claim, including:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostic tests, labs and imaging
  • Doctors’ appointments
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical equipment
  • Prescription medications
  • Mileage driving to and from treatment appointments
  • Lost wages for time off work
  • Lost earning capacity if you are unable to perform your previous job
  • Property damage

Non-Economic Damages

Severe injuries can take a tremendous physical and emotional toll on victims and their families. Some of these damages may include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional suffering
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship

Our Yuma DUI accident attorneys are prepared to carefully evaluate all aspects of your injury and damages to determine the fair value for your case.

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Is There a Time Limit to File My Claim?

Typically, Arizona victims of DUI accidents must file personal injury claims within two years of the date of the accident (A.R.S.§12-542). The statute of limitations for wrongful death claims resulting from DUI accidents is also generally two years from the date of death.

However, the deadline for your claim may be different, because there are exceptions to the statute of limitations for different situations. For instance, minors must file a claim within two years of their 18th birthday.

This is something to discuss with one of our Yuma DUI accident attorneys in a free legal consultation.

How Can Phillips Law Group Help with My DUI Accident Injury Claim?

The Yuma DUI accident attorneys of Phillips Law Group have extensive knowledge of Arizona’s traffic and drunk driving laws that impact accident claims.

Our DUI accident attorneys can investigate the accident and recover evidence to help us prove the four elements of negligence. We also work to assign an accurate value to your claim so we can pursue full compensation of your damages.

We are prepared to deal with the insurance company on your behalf to protect your claim. Dealing with the insurance company on your own could be very risky because they will try to trick or coerce you into accepting an unfair settlement offer or lowering the value of your claim.

You can learn more about the benefits of working with an experienced attorney in a free legal consultation.

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Types of DUI Accidents and Injuries

DUI accidents include automobile, motorcycle and commercial truck accidents. Some of the most common types of accidents caused by drunk drivers include:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end crashes
  • Wrong way accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents

These accidents can cause a range of severe injuries:

  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Chest injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Knee injuries

Treatment and recovery for these injuries can take a long time. This is why it is so important to discuss possible legal options for pursuing compensation.

What to Do After an Accident

After a DUI accident occurs, you should take the following steps to protect yourself ”“ these tasks may also help strengthen your personal injury claim.

  • Report the accident: Call 9-1-1 to report the accident. Notify dispatch if anyone appears to be injured. Law enforcement and paramedics will respond to assess the scene and your injuries. The responding officer will file an accident report, issue citations or make arrests. Paramedics may transport you to the emergency room for treatment of your injuries.
  • Seek medical treatment: Visit your doctor or local emergency room so your condition can be assessed, injuries diagnosed, and treatment started. It is easy to overlook injuries after an accident when adrenaline levels are high ”“ always have a medical professional examine you to ensure no injuries are missed. Inform your treating physician that you were involved in an accident so he or she will note the cause of your injuries in your medical record.
  • Take photos: If you are able to remain at the scene, take photos of all vehicles involved and their damage, the road and any road damage or debris, skid marks, and damaged structures like guardrails or road signs.
  • Speak with witnesses: If anyone saw the accident occur, collect their names and contact information. Your attorney may wish to contact these witnesses when investigating your claim.

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