Motorcycle Safety Tips for Accident Prevention

motorcycle safety tips accident preventionA large percentage ofall reported motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Motorcycles do not offer the level of safety protection that passenger vehicles do, making it critical that motorcyclists take steps to protect themselves and prevent accidents. Practicing the safety tips below will help you enjoy your ride while staying safe.

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Take a Motorcycle Training Course

A motorcycle training course will teach you how to operate a motorcycle correctly, as well as all laws applying to motorcyclists in Arizona.

Motorcycle training courses are required in Arizona for those between 16 and 18 years of age. Even if a motorcycle training course is not required for you to obtain a motorcycle license or endorsement, or if you are a seasoned rider, taking the course is always beneficial as it will help you brush up on skills and stay current on motorcycle laws.

Wear the Right Protective Gear

In Arizona, only riders under 18 are legally required to wear a helmet. Even so, wearing a helmet is always smart as it provides invaluable head protection in the event of an accident.

Arizona motorcyclists are required to either wear protective glasses or goggles or a transparent face shield, unless the bike has a protective windshield.

Motorcyclists should also wear protective gear such as:

  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Leather jackets and pants

Maintain Your Bike

Keeping your bike in proper working condition improves its safety. Tires should be properly inflated and in good condition. Check lights for brightness and other components to make sure they are functioning properly. A periodic inspection of your bike can help you identify and fix potential safety and performance issues as they arise.

Make Yourself Seen

Motorcycles can be difficult to see due to their size. Make yourself more visible to other motorists by:

  • Wearing bright, reflective clothing
  • Equipping your bike with reflective stickers or tape
  • Using your headlights at all times
  • Driving in the portion of the lane most visible to motorists nearby

Never Drink and Ride

Driving under the influence is one of the main causes of motorcycle accidents. In 2017, a reported 1,454 motorcyclists were involved in fatal accidents involving alcohol impairment. It is important to never drink and ride. Make arrangements to get home safe or stay over ahead of time.

Be Alert at All Times

Whenever you are riding a motorcycle, always be alert. Constantly scan your surroundings so you can spot potential hazards and know what other motorists are doing. This will allow you to react quickly to avoid an accident.

Never ride distracted either. Do not use cellphones or other electronics while riding. Set your radio and GPS systemprior to heading out. Do not ride with passengers if carrying a passenger will be a distraction to you while on the road.

Avoid Road Hazards or Bad Weather Conditions

Potholes, loose and uneven pavement as well as other road hazards create dangerous conditions for motorcycle riders. Motorcycles do not have the same control or ability to safely travel over these hazards as other vehicles. Look ahead on the road while riding to identify hazards so you can avoid them.

Before you ride, check the weather conditions for your trip. Know how weather conditions will affect your safety so you can plan your trip accordingly.

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