Phillips Law Group Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Pop-Up Flower Shop

two employees at the phillips law group pop-up flower shop

In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, Phillips Law Group set up a pop-up flower shop in the lobby of its midtown Phoenix office building for all employees – and even some office neighbors – to enjoy. The DIY flower shop was a huge success, with over 1,000 flowers going to happy participants for arrangements for themselves or loved ones in their lives. 

Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Flower Shop Fun

employee at diy flower shop

Olivia Lemorrocco, Client Experience Coordinator at Phillips Law Group, did much of the planning and coordination of the event and revealed that the pop-up shop was out of flowers in under an hour. 

“People loved it,” she expressed. 

“People from our building were making arrangements to give to their families and loved ones as well as all of our employees.”

employees at the phillips law group flower shop

The “flower shop” was stocked with stems that included roses, hydrangea stock, alstroemeria, and other varieties of flowers. 

Possibly one of the most gratifying moments for Olivia at the event was when neighbors from other companies in the building expressed that Phillips Law Group is always doing “cool stuff” like the pop-up flower shop that they can also enjoy. 

Valentine’s Day Traditions at Phillips Law Group

employee holding flowers at diy flower shop event

Although Valentine’s Day celebrations usually involve couples and recognize romantic love, thanks to this DIY flower shop event, family, friends, and other loved ones of Phillips Law Group employees could all benefit and have something beautiful to observe the holiday. After all, who doesn’t like getting flowers?

This isn’t the first time Phillips Law Group has treated its employees. For last year’s Valentine’s Day, team members were invited to take themed Valentine’s Day photos at the office, and the firm continued that tradition alongside the flower shop fun this year. 

two employees at phillips law group flower shop event

We love giving back to our employees and to our community, and this DIY flower shop was a perfect way to offer something lovely to mark a special occasion. And the plan is to continue this new custom next year too!

“We can’t wait for next year’s pop-up flower shop!” Olivia said.