Employment Law for the Employer

It is estimated that more than 155 million Americans are employed in the United States and more than 11 million others are unemployed. Thousands of businesses across and country are employing millions whom they trust and ensure with their businesses.

There are approximately 180 labor laws in place to ensure that both employers and employees are covered in regards to wages, discrimination, the hiring process, and more. The Department of Labor is in charge of governing and regulating the large number of employment laws that are aimed to protect employers and employees.

Although most individuals will think of employee claims, employment laws are also there to protect employers from accusations made against them.

If you or a loved has been accused by a former or current employee of breaking an employment law, the accused may wish to seek legal counsel. Our employment law attorneys may be able to help you determine if you have a case, and if so, how to proceed.

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Common Employment Law Claims

No business is protected from claims made against them by disgruntled former employees and even current employees.

Some common employment law claims that may be made against an employer include:

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Union Negotiations
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Sexual Harassment Claims
  • Occupation Safety & Health Administration Violations
  • Wage & Hour Violations
  • Work Authorization
  • Overtime Pay Breach
  • Constructive Discharge Claims

It is important that employers keep up with the ever-changing employer laws in order to catch problems before they begin. Having an experienced attorney available to provide legal counsel may assist business owners in fully understanding how the changing laws could affect them.

How an Employment Law Attorney Can Help

When an employee decides to accuse an employer of breaking an employment law, the allegations can truly hurt the business. Lost opportunity is a common repercussion of such allegations as is the ruination of an employers reputation.

Speaking with a trust employment law attorney can help you fight against wrongful allegations. Furthermore an attorney can also help an employer develop a comprehensive manual and company practice guidelines to ensure that the employers business practices follow all federal and state laws.

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