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Slip and fall accidents may not sound severe, but they can cause serious and extensive injuries. When slip and fall accidents occur because of a property owner’s carelessness or failure to warn of danger, victims may have a right to file a claim.

Working with a licensed Glendale slip and fall attorney can be very beneficial as you review possible legal action. Phillips Law Group’s attorneys can determine if you may have a case and what it may be worth. Our firm has helped recover millions in compensation for Arizona residents over nearly three decades, including a $2.25 million dollar settlement on behalf of a client who suffered a fractured femur after a slip and fall accident.

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Proving a Slip and Fall Case

Determining if you have a slip and fall case can be difficult. In a slip and fall claim you generally must prove there was a dangerous or hazardous condition on the property that caused you to slip and fall and the property owner was negligent in handling the condition.

The property owner may not have known about the condition, but if you can show he or she should have known, you may still have a case.

Property owners could also be considered negligent for failing to warn people about a dangerous condition.

In Arizona, property owners must take certain measures to ensure that their property is safe for visitors. The measures an owner must take depend on the legal status of the visitor injured on the property. Visitors are generally categorized as invitees, licensees or trespassers.

  • Invitee ”“ An invitee is someone who is invited by the owner to enter the property for a business purpose. A common example of this could be a customer visiting a department store. Property owners have a duty to exercise reasonable care to keep the premises safe for invitees.
  • Licensee ”“ A licensee is also someone invited by the owner to enter the property for non-business reasons, such as social guest. Property owners have a legal duty to warn licensees of any dangerous conditions that could be harmful if they know about it and the licensee is unlikely to discover it.
  • Trespasser ”“ A trespasser is someone who is not invited by the owner to enter the property. Owners do not generally owe a duty of care to trespassers. There are exceptions though. For example, if the property has something that is likely to attract trespassers, the owner may have legal obligations toward the trespasser and could potentially be held liable for this person’s injuries.

Our knowledgeable Glendale slip and fall attorneys can review the specifics of your situation to determine whether or not you may have a case. There is no risk or obligation to pursue legal action for discussing your claim with us.

Determining the Value of Your Damages

The damages available in a slip and fall case depend on the specifics of your situation, such as the severity of your injuries and how these injuries have affected your quality of life. Your injuries may require extensive medical treatment, including surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, or the use of an assistive device, such as a wheelchair. Other medical expenses may include prescription medications, testing and doctor visits.

While you are in recovery, you may even be unable to return to work. This could cause additional financial hardships for you and your family. You may be eligible to obtain compensation for any lost wages or benefits and any lost earning capacity for future income you would be able to earn had you not been injured. The physical pain and mental suffering you may be dealing with each day may also be compensated.

It is difficult to determine the value of your claim on your own. Our Glendale slip and fall lawyers know how to determine what your potential case may be worth. We can discuss this in a free legal consultation.

Deadline for Filing a Claim in Arizona

The statute of limitations for most personal injury lawsuits, including slip and fall claims, is typically two years from the date the accident occurred. This is in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542. If you fail to file within the two-year-deadline, it may result in the court dismissing your case.

In some situations, however, the statute of limitations may be shortened or extended. If the injury victim was a minor, the deadline to file a claim is extended until two years after his or her 18th birthday. In the event someone dies from a slip and fall accident, the family of the diseased would have two years from the date of the death to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Arizona’s Discovery Rule may also apply to your claim if you were not aware of your injury right when it happened. In these situations, the two-year clock would not start to run until you discovered you were injured.

We recommend that you contact our legal team as soon as possible for help with your claim. We can answer any questions you may have about the statute of limitations. Contacting us right away also gives us as much time as possible to determine if you have a case and get it filed before deadlines pass.

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Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

There are many steps involved in pursuing compensation for a slip and fall accident: investigating the accident, gathering evidence, negotiating for compensation, determining the hazards present at the time of your accident, determining the value of damages suffered.

Building a case is not something you should be concerned about right now. You need to be putting your energy into treating your injuries.

This is why you should give serious thought to hiring an experienced Glendale slip and fall attorney. There are no upfront fees and the attorney does not get paid unless you do first.

The attorneys at our firm can manage every step of a slip and fall claim on your behalf, if we determine you have a case. We have the resources and experience to fully investigate your accident to help us build a strong case.

Our attorneys have a proven track record of obtaining compensation. We have recovered over $1 billion for injury victims.

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Why Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, on public or private properties. Some of these locations include:

  • Private homes
  • Grocery stores
  • Hotels or resorts
  • Small business
  • Apartment buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Public parks and playgrounds
  • Hospitals
  • Sports stadiums and arenas
  • Movie theaters
  • Parking lots

Several dangerous or hazardous conditions can lead to a slip and fall accident, including the following:

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Loose floorboards
  • Potholes
  • Snowy and icy walkways
  • Lack of lighting
  • Lack of warning signs
  • Trash or debris on floor
  • Lack of handrails
  • Broken or cracked sidewalks
  • Ripped or torn carpeting
  • Broken floor tiles
  • Mopped or waxed floors

If you have a case, our legal team can conduct a detailed investigation to uncover the cause of your slip and fall accident and help to identify any hazards the property owner should have been aware of prior to you being injured. These cases have many factors involved, so it is a good idea to have experienced representation by a Glendale slip and fall attorney.

Injuries After a Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents can be quite severe. Our firm is prepared to take legal action against all types of negligent property owners, including those who cause serious injuries such as those listed below:

  • Broken bones ”“ Sudden falls can cause hip, wrist and ankle fractures. The tissue surrounding a broken bone may also be damaged, resulting in the need for long-term therapy to prevent chronic pain.
  • Sprained ligaments ”“ Falls could make you land in an awkward position. Your arms may even be extended to try to cushion the fall. This can cause the ligaments in the wrist or ankles to tear. Sprains and strains can take quite a long time to heal.
  • Traumatic brain injuries ”“ If you fall and hit your head, you may have swelling, bleeding or a brief loss of consciousness. Minor concussions may clear up on their own, but a more serious traumatic brain injury can permanently alter your ability to function each day. It is important to seek immediate medical care.
  • Shoulder dislocations ”“ A dislocated shoulder is a common slip and fall injury. You may have landed on your shoulder or reached out with an extended hand to break your fall. These injuries may require surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Spinal cord injuries ”“ When the spinal cord is severed or compressed after falling on your back, a spinal cord injury can happen. Nerve damage may be permanent and cause some level of paralysis.

If you or a loved one sustained a slip and fall injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is important that you seek legal representation as soon as you can after medical treatment. We can determine if you may be eligible for compensation and what your next steps may be in the legal process.

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