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Everyone in the U.S. has certain civil rights to protect from discrimination due to race, gender, national original, sexual orientation, age and more. When these rights are violated by an organization, business, corporation, government agency, or another entity, the victim of this violation may be eligible to file a damages claim to hold the offending party legally accountable and pursue compensation for damages.

Contacting a Glendale civil rights attorney is an important part of the recovery process. Our legal team at Phillips Law Group has been protecting victim’s rights for 27 plus years, having represented more than 155,000 clients with a proven track record of success obtaining millions in compensation. This includes a $350,000 settlement for the family of a victim shot and killed by the police.

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Can a Lawyer Help Me?

Claims involving civil rights violations can be very difficult to pursue, especially without the experience of a Glendale civil rights lawyer. He or she knows the specific laws that apply to these scenarios and have a detailed understanding of the legal process when pursuing compensation for these types of claims.

We can review your claim and determine whether you may pursue legal action. Should you have a case and decide to move forward, there are no upfront fees involved for our services.

Common Civil Rights Violations

A person’s civil rights can be violated in numerous ways. Several civil rights violations that may be eligible to pursue a damages claim include:

  • Police brutality
  • Racial profiling
  • Unlawful arrest
  • Housing discrimination
  • Employment discrimination
  • Verbal and physical assault
  • Domestic abuse

Civil rights violations are sensitive matters for many victims, and claims are often complex. Speak with a Glendale civil rights lawyer from Phillips Law Group today to discuss your claim in a free consultation.

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Types of Civil Rights Cases

If you have experienced a civil rights violation, you may be able to file a claim for damages against the party that committed the violation. Some of the most common types of civil rights cases include:

  • Domestic Abuse ”“ Victims of domestic violence may be able to file a claim against the abuser for damages. Typically, legal action does not start until the victim is in a safe place and out of danger. Protective orders are often filed prior to a domestic abuse civil rights case.
  • Property Disputes ”“ Property dispute cases concern real property (real estate). Commonly, civil rights cases over property disputes concern property line disagreements, when neighbors disagree about the boundaries of a property. As town counsels often establish a property’s boundaries, property dispute civil rights claims are often against local governments.
  • Contract Disputes ”“ Civil rights cases for contract disputes result when a written contract exists between two or multiple parties, who are in disagreement with the contract’s terms.
  • Employment Discrimination ”“ This type of discrimination is based on a job applicant’s or employee’s race, religion, age, gender, national origin, marital status, and/or sexual orientation.
  • Housing Discrimination ”“ The majority of civil rights cases regarding housing discrimination arise from situations where a property owner refuses to rent a property to tenants of a certain race, marital status, gender, religion, familial status, disability or other protected class.
  • Police Misconduct ”“ Police misconduct includes unlawful arrest, racial profiling, the use of excessive force and other violations. While law enforcement officials are commonly immune from lawsuits based their performance on the job, if a civil rights violation is committed, the victim may be eligible to file a claim against a police officer.
  • Government Discrimination ”“ Employees of government agencies may face the same sort of discrimination as employees working for private businesses.

Cases involving civil rights violations are often very complex. To protect your interests, we recommend speaking with a licensed Glendale civil rights attorney at Phillips Law Group to discuss your situation.

What to Do After a Civil Rights Violation

If you are involved in a situation that may have violated your civil rights, a number of options are available to help you seek resolution. These options include:

  • Informal negotiation ”“ Informal negotiation is basically a discussion between the involved parties about what happened. Often, long legal battles are avoided when all parties sit down to a conversation about the matter to resolve issues concerning civil rights.
  • Mediation ”“ If informal negotiation is unsuccessful, the next option is mediation with a trained mediator. The mediator works with all involved parties in attempts to resolve civil rights disputes. Note that a mediator has no legal authority to impose a resolution on parties involved in mediation.
  • Arbitration ”“ Many parties choose arbitration as disputes are often resolved much faster compared to a lawsuit, and arbitration is typically the less expensive option. One or more arbitrators serve as a neutral third party to the matter. The arbitrator(s) come to a resolution, known as an arbitration award. The award is legally binding and enforceable by the court.
  • Lawsuit ”“ If no resolution can be achieved through the above avenues, the you may file a claim in state court, or another court if the claim exceeds the state court’s limitations.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you during negotiations concerning civil rights disputes can help make sure that your best interests are being protected during every step in the legal process.

Do I Lose My Rights If I End Up in Prison?

Victims of civil rights violations may think they lose their rights if they are sent to prison. Rest assured your civil rights cannot be taken away in this situation. The U.S. Constitution helps protect everyone’s civil rights.

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Civil rights violations are complex matters that often draw up a great deal of emotions from victims and others involved. Get in touch with a Glendale civil rights lawyer at Phillips Law Group to see if you may be eligible to file a damages claim. We have been protecting victim’s rights for the past two decades.

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